Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Missoula Wednesday Night Cyclocross 9/23/16

Temperatures touched the low 80's during the race making for a hot and dusty evening at Old Thunder Venue (Maverick Stadium).  The usual format for the venue was used but Pat Scharfe did a nice job incorporating some new features.  The berms had a unique double figure 8 section and threw you by the old Hellgate Spiral of Death and straight into a hop-able barrier.  It was technical riding for a dry day and proved to be an important stretch.  Also added was an optional run/ride up the old rocky river bed descent.  This made for lot's of bottle necks, with strategy and traction being incredibly important.  If you didn't hop barriers you'd be off the bike 5 times a lap.  It was important to see some of the features first and stay out in front.
Hellgate rider Elie Meierbachtol won the Women's B in an impressive showing. - Photo by John Sieber Photography

The Women's A saw an MT Alpha display of power.  Caroline Lurgio showed her form from the past two seasons by taking the win.  Kristine Akland was second and Ali Wade was third.
Ali Wade, 3rd Women's A - Photo by John Sieber Photography

Men's A was steady but fast.  Dave Hartman took the hole shot.  The lead group settled into Ian Foster, Jesse Doll, David Cresap, Rob Amrine, and myself.  With 4 laps to go Foster lost a chain or something similar and lost 20 seconds.  Doll took up the pace.  Right before 2 to go I bobbled the run up re-mount and that was the straw that broke the camels back.  Doll powered on, Foster caught and passed me in the stadium and that's how it ended.  Impressive by Jess Doll.
Jesse Doll, Winner Men's A, such a beast over the last 7 years. - Photo by John Sieber Photography

News and Notes

- Helena CX weekend is coming up visit the mbra site for race details and regi,

- Nick Silverman was 2nd in Men's B as Chasmo was first.  This will be a fabulous battle as both these guys are crazy solid.

- Dan Funsch has masters 50+ on lock.

- Troy Kindred won a very competitive Masters 40+, we'll see how that overall shakes out, but Troy means #business.

- The junior turnout in Missoula has been fabulous.  Shout out to the Missoula Bike Source, Big Sky Bikes, and Missoula Bicycle Works racers for getting their kid's in to the sport.  Means a lot to the cx community.

- The Women's A and Women's B has been the most consistent turnout for the last 5 years.  I think we are going to see some ripping performances this season at big races.

- Toby and Owen did not race men's A.  They were the top two series performers from 2014.

- The next two weeks of racing will be at the Ranch Club in Missoula.

- The Wild West weekend series starts 10/3 and 4 with Sandpoint.  After that racing is every weekend until Thunder on 24/25.  Details here

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