Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bozeman Super-prestige and Rolling Thunder

The Bozeman Super-Prestige is coming this weekend.  Super good courses and lot's of fun.  It's your last chance to tune things up before Thunder.  Visit for more information.

Rolling Thunder registration will close next Thursday at 10pm MST.  You can save $5 by registering early, just click the registration link above.

Some of Kim Wishcamper/Sugato Studio's photos from Wednesday Cross are the best I've seen.  Here are my favorites with my best Tom Robertson wannabe captions.

Felix was a fixture at Wednesday CX this year.  It only took a could races for him to drop his dad and start riding solo.  

It's ironic how in cross you all start together and it feels like one massive snake but the next minute you can be all alone.


When you attack the traditionalists tell you not to look back, just put your head down and go for broke.

This is what makes Missoula CX cool.  Quickly becoming a Thunder Legend.

So fun to see all the teams starting to come together and bond.  Makes for competitive racing and a strong scene.

Fastest brother in law combo I've ever seen.

Racing with class and style.

Cool bike.

So jazzed to see some Open Road jerseys out on course.

Bechtold 3.0

The best battle for the overall we've seen in a couple seasons.  Sometimes I just wanted to be on the sideline to watch these guys go at it.
Speaking of battles, if you don't know the men's B was tremendous this year.  Nick, Cory, and Forrest all competed for top honors and pushed themselves and eachother to the limit.  See you in the A's next year boys.

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