Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Need a new cross bike?

The promoters from Sandpoint are running a really cool bike raffle to raise money for Autism.  The bike will be delivered at the race in CdA on the 15th and you do not have to be present to win.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rolling Thunder Results and Photos

Thank you for coming to the 9th edition of Rolling Thunder.  I've updated the results and photos pages with links.  Day 2 results and WWCS standings will be updated this week.  CdA series finale in two weeks!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rolling Thunder Notes

Online registration for both days closes today at 10pm mst.  If you miss it and email me late night I'll honor the $5 off for you (I've done that a million times myself).  Your 2nd race of each day is $10.

photo by

Rolling Thunder Extras:

*Prizes this year have been amazing, thank you to Kent Brothers Automotive The Cycling House Hellgate Cyclery Black Coffee Roasting Company Big Sky Bikes Le Petit Outre On X Maps Adventure Cycling Association Missoula Bicycle Works Caffe Dolce Missoula Bike Source Shimano Cycling Zillastate Big Sky Brewing Company Hammer Nutrition

*Instagram Competition ‪#‎rt14‬

* The Cycling Housee Cycling House Tent - Black Coffee Roasting Company then Big Sky Brewing Company managed by a Thunder Legend Ben Horan.

*The Zillastate fan zone and platform
*Dance Contest, 7:25pm, yes! show your moves in between the elite races

*Kid's race, 2pm, whoops and 8in barrier, Meng Dentistry- Dr. Vince, Joe and Graham Meng water bottle and treat for all entrants

*King and Queen of Thunder, based on winning the day the not the race

*Families, there will be food I promise, we've got some good stuff planned

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rolling Thunder Week

Rolling Thunder Week is here.  A couple friendly reminders.  Daylight savings is Sunday at 2am, so make sure you plan accordingly.  Pre-registration closes Thursday at 10pm MST.  Save $5 and register early.  Thunder is a USA Cycling Event, so you need an annual license or you can purchase a one day license (the easiest way to navigate this is through the online registration prior to the event).  If you race on a one day license you are limited to the entry level categories and masters.  Please don't park on Tower Street, park inside the big grass field we always park in.  You can enter from Tower, the gate will be open.

Enough of the junk....on to the fun stuff!

- Instagram contest is open now until the race, use #rt14

- Kid's race is going to be best yet, whoops, and 8 inch barrier, kid's course is open all week come by any time

- Big Sky and Cycling House are teaming up again to offer the free beer tent, any donations go to elite men and women cash prizes.  We'll have some sort of food vendor there, tbd

- Pre-riding is open all week minus inside the stadium.  We encourage folks to get out and ride to help pack things down.  Wednesday 5:30pm to dark complete course will be open for pre-riding.  Also all day Friday for complete course.

Kid's race is going to be awesome!  Chancellor and Lurgio will both be participating :).  Photo by Kim Wishcamper/Sugato Studio

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bozeman Super-prestige and Rolling Thunder

The Bozeman Super-Prestige is coming this weekend.  Super good courses and lot's of fun.  It's your last chance to tune things up before Thunder.  Visit for more information.

Rolling Thunder registration will close next Thursday at 10pm MST.  You can save $5 by registering early, just click the registration link above.

Some of Kim Wishcamper/Sugato Studio's photos from Wednesday Cross are the best I've seen.  Here are my favorites with my best Tom Robertson wannabe captions.

Felix was a fixture at Wednesday CX this year.  It only took a could races for him to drop his dad and start riding solo.  

It's ironic how in cross you all start together and it feels like one massive snake but the next minute you can be all alone.


When you attack the traditionalists tell you not to look back, just put your head down and go for broke.

This is what makes Missoula CX cool.  Quickly becoming a Thunder Legend.

So fun to see all the teams starting to come together and bond.  Makes for competitive racing and a strong scene.

Fastest brother in law combo I've ever seen.

Racing with class and style.

Cool bike.

So jazzed to see some Open Road jerseys out on course.

Bechtold 3.0

The best battle for the overall we've seen in a couple seasons.  Sometimes I just wanted to be on the sideline to watch these guys go at it.
Speaking of battles, if you don't know the men's B was tremendous this year.  Nick, Cory, and Forrest all competed for top honors and pushed themselves and eachother to the limit.  See you in the A's next year boys.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Missoula Wednesday Night #6 Results

Here is a link to results for the Wednesday Night series heading into the finale.

Here are the overall leaders.

Junior Boys - Felix Hahn
Junior Girls - Sophia Cloute

Women's A - Caroline Lurgio

Women's B - Taylore Beckman

Master Women A - Alisa Wade

Master Women B - Laurie Stalling

Master Men A - Jeremy Lurgio

Master Men B - Blair Fisher

Men A - Owen Gue

Men B - Forrest Boughner

Tonight's race will be at The Rolling Thunder venue, across Tower Rd from the Equestrian Park.  Please park in the far south field that we traditionally have used for parking.  The driveway to the stadium is part of the course, so try to avoid using it.

If you are looking for some more racing this weekend, check out the Bozeman Superprestige.

Rolling Thunder is November 1st and 2nd and online save $5 registration will close at 10pm mst on next Thursday.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Missoula Wednesday Night #6 - Rolling Thunder

The Cycling House is setting course this week.  Pumped to have the venue be Rolling Thunder.  Remember pre-registration for Thunder saves you $5.

Also, Bozeman Super Prestige is this weekend and a great way to open the legs or try for a last minute Thunder call up.

Bozeman Superprestige from MontanaVertical on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Missoula Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series Results Heading into Week #5

If you have changes to the results you can email Alex Gallego, The race tomorrow will be at the DNRC.

Full Spreadsheet click here

Monday, October 13, 2014

Moose Cross - Wild West #3 and #4

Big thanks to the folks at Moose Cross.  Dave and his team did a fantastic job playing host to the region's finest cross racers.  They broke an attendance record with over 150 racers.  Some series leaders held on and some new challengers emerged.  The Moose Courses were classic, with a tighter course on Sunday.  All fields were competitive.  In the ladies, Akland, Carey, Curry, and Gaertner did battle, with Gaertner emerging as the series leader when the dust settled.  Carey earned the double win, but she will be in Cincy for Thunder, so Gaertner looks solid heading in the the night event as she earns the #1 call up.  On the men's side, masters series hierarchies are starting to show out, Gonzo was ripping, as was Lenaburg.  However Jerry Long is basically untouchable now with four dominating wins, he is the masters king.  Patton and Meyers were strong holding onto their leads.  OG took the series by the horns and now has a commanding lead in the overall and the #1 call up.  That battles for 2nd - 5th are incredible with Curry, Gaertner, Doll, Meierbachtol, KBP, and Stink all in the hunt.  Franchise was steady eddy and held onto the category 3 overall.

Next weekend there are a couple racing options.  Helena and Lisa have put together a rad weekend, click here for more information.  For our friends in the west Inland NW series has a fun race in Walla Walla, click here.

For Thunder Call ups I'll make sure we reward racers who are competing in the Montana series.  If you are in the top 5 in the Montana standings and not already in the top 8 in the Wild West Standings you will receive a call up.  The next Wild West Race is Rolling Thunder, so if you want that call up, consider attending Helena or Bozeman.  Also, we will honor the state champs from the Bozeman weekend with a call up.

Call up Order
1. Wild West top 8
2. Defending Thunder Champs
3. Top 5 MT racers
4. Current State Champ
5. Wild West Standings

Just a couple pics so far.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wild West Overall Results

Click here for results after #1 and #1 Sandpoint.  If you have changes email me  Call ups and helmet covers will be awarded at the start line of Moose.

Next up is Moose Cross, a classic on the schedule.  One of my favorite events of all time.  I encourage you to make a weekend out of it.  Victor in the Fall is spectacular and the venue is both family friendly with a sprinkle of micro-brew.

This picture is great for many reasons.  #1 it features the Albino Magician, who will be making his cross debut Nov 1.  Also it demonstrates the many amazing course features that Moose has.  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Wild West #1 - Sandpoint Pictures

Tim Marshall took some cool photos of the Men's/Women's 1/2/3 Races.  Below are the pictures of Missoula Area riders I could find.  KBP was king of the hill both days in the men's elite race.  Team Cycling House, Hellgate Cyclery and Vertical Earth gave it good runs putting multiple guys on the podium.  The overall is heating up as the series moves towards Moose Cross for next weekend.

Also Brian McDonald took a bunch of really good shots DAY 1, DAY 2.  Results,vids and other goodies up on the FBook page this week, 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Racing this Weekend

Wild West Series #1 - Sandpoint, racing both days.  Click here for details

Bozeman Cyclocross - Bozeman, racing both days.   Click here for details

Both events should be super fun.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Missoula Wednesday Night #3

Things are setting up nicely as Missoula Racers prepare for the weekend and Wild West Cross Kickoff.  Owen Gue, (Cycling House) re-captures the leaders jersey and looks to take the momentum into Sandpoint.  Also, coming into form, Toby Meierbachtol (Hellgate Cylery) put in a strong ride, even hoping over a fallen Gue at one point in the race.  On the ladies side, Jamie Terry (MT Alpha) had a breakout ride for this season, and we might see an appearance in Sandpoint.  On the masters side, Jeremy Lurgio rode in groups until there were no groups to ride with, super strong ride as he tries for that 40+ overall.  Watch out Eastern WA, and Idaho, Missoula's finest are coming for you this weekend!  Thunder call up is based on Wild West Series Standings in each category.

Start line of Wed #3, photo by Ingrid Lovitt

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wild West Cross Series Kicks off this Saturday - Sandpoint - Crosstoberfest

The Wild West Cross Series will start things right this Saturday in Sandpoint at Crosstoberfest.  The fellas have two different courses scheduled for the weekend.  Saturday will feature and open, fast course while Sunday will be twisty and technical featuring 75 turns.  Also, recently added is a $500 cash purse for the 1/2/3 men and women.  This is a cumulative purse for the best riders from the weekend.
Photo by Hank Geer

Other Fun Notes
- camping available
- festivities outside of racing, music, food, family friendly
- they really encourage multiple racing, with discounts for additional races
- online regi available (usac event)
- Crosstoberfest is a fundraiser for teamautism247
- WWCS is sponsored by Zillastate (2k overall elite purse)

Overall series categories
Mens 1/2
Mens 3
Mens 4
Women’s 1/2/3
Women’s 4
Mens Masters 40
Mens Masters 50
Mens Masters 60
Junior Boy -18 and under
Junior Girl -18
Single Speed

1st 20
2nd 18
3rd 16
4th 14
5th 12
6th 10
7th 8
8th 6
9th 4
10th 2

Next series race is in Victor, ID, Moose Cross!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 Wednesday Night Cross Information

The Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series starts Wednesday at the Equestrian Park.  The venue will change from time to time.  I'll try to post on the blog or checkout the Facebook page for Missoula Cyclocross.  That will have the latest information.  Below is information from the Wednesday Night Cross Promoter.

The Wednesday Night Cross series starts this week at the Missoula Equestrian Park, which is out by Big Sky High School and the American Legion baseball field. Steve Dolberg and Pat Scharfe will be on hand for registration starting at about 4:30.

There will be 6 races again this year. Cost for each race is $10, or $35 for the series. Please do yourselves a favor and register for the series, and it will save on check in times for all the later races. If you do not have an annual license, the cost of one-day licenses is (Holy Damn!) $15. The cost of an annual license might be worth it to avoid those $15/day deals. (Also USA Cycling now has a rule that if you have had an annual license before you are not supposed to race on one-day licenses.)

You will only have to sign one waiver for the entire series. So if you come this Wednesday, pay for the whole series and then sign a series waiver, you can show up at 5:44:59 for all the rest of the races.

If you forgot to turn in your cloth number from last year, and still have your cloth number from last year, please bring it. You can use the same number or you can trade it in for a new number and we will give your old number to someone else. Please keep your number for the whole series, and then turn it in after your last race so we can keep using them in future years.

Regarding venues: There will be no races at Ft. Missoula this year. Week 2 races will again be at the Equestrian Park. Some races in October will likely be at the DNRC compound on Spurgin Road. Rolling Thunder is the first weekend of November this year, so we likely will not be using the RT venue except for maybe the last series race on October 22. We also have authority to use Northwestern Energy property at the end of Duncan Drive, but that will take some course work to make it viable. We will keep you posted on that.

Al Gallego and Pat Scharfe are setting the course this week, so expect a lot of dismounts for “natural” features.

There is a post-race beer waiting for you at Caffe Dolce every week of the series, so make it a plan to go to Caffe Dolce after the races.

Thanks to the great sponsors of the race series: Big Sky Brewing, Caffe Dolce, Missoula Bike Works, Hellgate Cyclery, Big Sky Bikes, Open Road, and new this year, Missoula Bike Source. Please support the businesses that support bike racing.

I hope to see you all on Wednesday, and on all upcoming Wednesdays, too. Please forward this email to anyone interested in cross.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race 2014 Information

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race will be November 1st and 2nd.

Save $5 and REGISTER ONLINE here.

11:00am - on site registration and check in opens, it will close at 6:30pm
12:30pm - Junior Boy 11-18 - 20m
12:30pm - Junior Girl 11-18 - 20m
1:10pm - Cat 4 Women - 30m
2:00pm - Kid's Race - half lap
2:30pm - Cat 4/5 Men - 45m
3:50pm - Master Men 40+ - 50m
3:50pm - Master Men 50+ - 50m
3:50pm - Master Men 60+ - 50m
5:10pm - Cat 3 Men - 50m
5:10pm - Single Speed Men - 50m
6:35pm - Cat 1/2/3 Women - 50m
7:45pm - Cat 1/2 Men - 60m

8:30am - on site registration and check in
9:30am - Junior Boy 11-18 - 20m
9:30am - Junior Girl 11-18 - 20m
10:05am - Cat 4/5 Men - 45m
10:05am - Single Speed Men 45m
11:10am - Master Masters 40+ - 50m
11:10am - Master Masters 50+ - 50m
11:10am - Master Masters 60+ - 50m
12:15pm - Cat 1/2/3 Women - 50m
12:15pm - Cat 4 Women - 50m
1:20pm - Cat 3 Men - 60m
1:20pm - Cat 1/2 Men - 60m

*These follow the Wild West Cross Series Overall Category Competitions

RACE VENUE: Missoula Mavericks Lindborg-Cregg Field 3298 Maverick Lane Missoula MT 59804


New for 2014! Rolling Thunder is a founding partner in the Wildwest Cyclocross Series.  We are still wrapping up the details, but I can announce the schedule.

*CrosstoberFestivus - Sandpoint - October 4 and 5

*MooseCross - Victor - October 11 and 12

*Rolling Thunder - Missoula - November 1 and 2

*Finals - Couer d'Alene - November 15

There will be overall competitions for all categories. $2k overall prize purse for elites.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Montana Hell Ride

The Montana Hell Ride is September 27th starting at Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton, MT.  It's 126 miles with 7,917 feet of climbing.  

Along the lines of the Butte 100, Rut 50k, and OSCR 50k, Montanans and Mountain Folks seem to be into high adventure and high amounts of suffering.  This ride will test your gear, your legs, and your heart.  While it's a timed event, we believe finishing will be an accomplishment in itself.  

So, the overall time competition is top 3 male/female in each age group (10 year increments).  Also, there are 4 timed KOM/QOM segments that will be scored using Strava.  We'll recognize the top 3 male/female up each climb.  Also, there will be a special prize given to anyone who breaks a set time (TBD), think Leadville 10hr belt buckle thing.

Registration opens May 19th, here.  It's $110 till July 1st, then it bumps to $135. More information visit here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race 2014

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race will be November 1st, 2014

The Women's Podium from 2013.  Photo by
The Men's Podium from 2013.  Photo by

Friday, January 10, 2014

Frank Gonzalez - A National Champion

Frank Gonzalez is the Masters 50-54 National Champion.  Most people who are in the cyclocross scene in Montana know about Frank.  He's always at the front of races and could fill a trophy case with all his podiums.  I think what most people don't know is the quality of masters talent in Montana.  The fact that Frank is 50+ and racing at the front of regular cat 1/2 races is inspiring.  He has been doing this for the last 10 years.

The other thing about Frank's fabulous result is that it's well deserved.  He has been so close in marathon nationals, cyclcoross nationals, and xc nationals.  It's been mechanicals, bad luck, ect.  The beauty of the sport is that if you continue to work hard things will happen for you.  Enjoy the off season Frank.  Super proud of you and all the work you've put in.  What a result!