Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Missoula Cyclocross Clinic

The Missoula Cyclocross Clinic is next Wednesday at Fort Missoula.  Registration starts at 5:45pm and there is no charge.

We will break folks in to 5 groups based on these categories:
-Beginner - never raced a bike, recreational rider
-Intermediate - raced once or twice any cycling discipline
-Intermediate + - raced cyclocross before

There will be (5) ten minute stations:

Dave Hartman - Equipment, tips for turning an entry level bike into race ready, tire pressure, equipment options, maintenance, ect

Elliot Bassett - Training, example workouts, nutrition, comparing the effort to other athletic disciplines

John Fiore - Run ups, how to carry, how to dismount, what to focus on, re-mount

Ingrid Lovitt & Jesse Doll - How you prep on race day, warming up, equipment choices, mental prep, lining up, first 5m of the race, starts, clipping in

Toby Meirerbachtol & Alex Gallegos - Barriers, mounts, re mounts, steps in between, Cornering, braking, setting up the corner, accelerating out of the corner

If you are an avid cross racer, please encourage co-workers, friends, and family to attend. This is the best time for folks to try the sport. It also a great time for past racers to shake the rust off and maybe pick up a few tips.

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