Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Montana All Stars

Big time kudos to Steve Fisher and JT Fountain for ripping legs at Rolling Thunder 2012.  Steve has been battling Logan Owen in Seattle.  This battle between Owen and Fisher is one of the best in the country right now.

It's time for the Montana Racers to migrate west.  The MT all star crew heads to Woodland Park.  John Curry, 4th at Thunder, and Montana State/Overall Champion, makes the trip.  He also brings over his wife Lisa, perennial top 30 national racer, and up and comer Ingrid Lovitt, who wants a higher place then her top ten at Star Crossed.  Adding to the lineup is Phil Grove.  Pip notorious for the big stage, could be the real surprise.  He's on sneaky late season form as he extends his cross season.  A dominating win at Herron Park   last weekend.

Looking at, Courtenay McFadden and Lisa Curry have never gone head to head.  McFadden won last week at the Seattle Cyclocross Series.  Kari Studley leads the series.  In head to head battles with Curry she is 10 and 4.  Meanwhile  John Curry has gone head to head with Fisher (2nd to Owen last weekend) 7 times and lost all 7.  Grove has gone head to head 4 times and lost all 4.  The series leader is Kyle Mcgilvray who is 2 and 1 against Grove and 1 and 6 against Curry.  Stats in cyclocross mean very little, but it's fun to look at stats.

Curry and Grove are not un-familiar with representing Montana on bigger stages.  Let's take a look back at recent history.

2012 Missoula Pro XC
Grove 17th
Curry 18th

2012 CX Nats
Master 30+
Curry 8th

2011 Marathon Nats
Grove 23rd
Curry 32nd

2011 MTB Nats
Curry 25th
Grove 29th

2010 CX Nats
Master 30+
Curry 5th

Grove is pushing on into a December Cross Season.  photo by
Curry here at Thunder has a shot at the win this weekend in Seattle.  photo by
Lovitt has had another good season and is hunting for another top place in Seattle.  photo by