Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beckner/Lovvitt win pre-Thunder Tune Up

With only a few tracks on the course, 60+ brave souls jumped on a rough Thunder course.  Lines were found and excitement was built.

Landen Beckner had to come from behind a bit, but only needed 2 laps to catch Toby, who looked at home on the technical terrain.  They two rode together until Beckner was too much and the gap opened.  Like many Wednesday Night Riders, Doll came straight from work to the start line.  Once he learned the course, his power showed up and he took 3rd.

Ingrid Lovitt looks poised for another top ride this season.  She maneuvered the course without much issue.  Big shout of to Margie, Mara, Kristine, and Katie R for ripping Thunder, they will be forces on Saturday.

Lap times for the 1st group in Men's A were just above 5 minutes.

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