Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doll makes it two in a row, Ingrid's on the Board

Smokey day out at the Equestrian Park.  That didn't stop another big turnout for the Missoula Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series.

Big thank you to Alex Gallego, Tim Bechtold and the two other volunteers who helped with registration (Alpha Sarah).  Alex set a fun course with some nice technical features, including two trips to the beach.

In the men's race a large group formed at the end of one lap.  Doll, Beckner, Orion Berryman, Presta, and Hartman.  Doll and Beckner applied the pressure in the group and slowly pulled away.  Jessie won in a sprint, Beckner 2nd, and Orion 3rd.

In the ladies race Ingrid pulled away from other contenders and never looked back.

This weekend there is a race in Spokane on Sunday.  Several Missoula racers are attending.  They put on a great series.  The weekend after that is the famous Butte Battle! was not in attendance, so if anyone has photos and is willing to share let me know!

Ingrid showing the younger generation how it's done.

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