Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hellroaring Mountain Bike Stage Race

Admit it you've been waiting for a mountain bike stage race in Montana.  I dream of doing BC Bike Race or any of those big stage races.  Those races are expensive and take some logistics to get yourself over there.  Finally a stage race in our backyard.  Great Northern Cycles has answered the call.  What a great idea.  A 3 stage race in one of the most beautiful parts of Montana.  I've never been to camp cryptic so I don't even know if Phil's photos below are course photos, but I'm sure it looks just as pretty.  Flathead folks feel free to comment on this post and pick out these locations.

I got to interview Landen post Missoula XC and he said this was on his calendar. I went home and checked out the race blog. I've decided it's a can't miss event. Butte 100 and then the Hellroaring Stage Race is a great two weekends of Montana mountain biking.

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