Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, March 30, 2012

Speed Wagon Classic Update - From Race Director

Cycling Crusaders,

Here is my best effort at an optimistically honest conditions report for tomorrow's Speedwagon Classic:

I rode all the tricky dirt sections yesterday and the course was in dreamy condition. I was using a road bike with 700x27 tubulars with minimal bouncing and never had to fight for control. There are a few short sections (100-400 meters) of loose gravel and a few potholes, but 95% of the dirt roads were firm, smooth, and fast. The big plunge down to the river was the most challenging and had enough soft spots to keep me at 30 mph, but I comfortably hit 40 on the other descents. The weather out there was 55+ with mostly blue skies. I only had to negotiate around 4 or 5 small puddles for the entire circuit. I wish we could have all been out there racing yesterday.

Now the big X factor is how much rain will fall today and tomorrow morning. Despite dire forecasts, we have mostly had showers so far and I am hoping the mini desert rain shadow climate of the area west of the river will hold up well. The roads were dry enough yesterday that they should be able to absorb some rain without turning into a clay mud mess like last year. Anyway, I am still confident that we will be able to use the true course and will try to post another update tonight or early tomorrow morning. Regardless of weather developments, the race will happen and ugly conditions only make for more fun and better stories.

Also, the post ride feast and celebration should be better than ever with great food, spirits, and even live music this year.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow morning. Check-in starts at 10:30 (info flier attached).

Feel free to reply with questions.


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