Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flathead Cyclocross

Woodland 'X 2011
2011 09 27 Heron Park Poster Small

Sam Schultz takes first win at Equestrian Park

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Campbell and Schultz are too tough

Lindsy Campbell and Sam Schultz won the first ever races at the Equestrian Park. Campbell rode to a solo victory on course that combined some nice features and powerful riding. On the guys side, the largest lead group of the year formed early on with Schultz, Owen Gue, Toby Meierbachtol, Doug Shryock, Bob Presta, Alex Gallego, Jesse Doll and Peter Young. The group slowly whittled down until it was Schultz, Gue, and Doll. OG slipped a chain and it took him out of contention. Schultz laid down World Cup Power on the final laps and got rid of Doll who rode and impressive season debut. Bob Presta fought hard to round out the podium.

Woodland and Herron Cross this weekend

Matt Butterfield and Tim Killien have done a fabulous job with this cross weekend. I believe there will be a party at Great Northern Cycles on Saturday evening. The courses, people, and energy are all excellent. It's the last chance to earn Rolling Thunder call up points. There are call ups in all categories.

Cool report on Cyclocross and the Wednesday Night Races
by Jen Bardsley

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday Night Cyclocross

Tomorrow's Missoula Wednesday Night Race will be held at the Equestrian Park off of Tower Street. It's across the street from the Rolling Thunder venue.

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