Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, April 15, 2011

TTTT - Round 4

Not as windy as last week, but very chilly. We had a nice turnout and some historic times. Graham Meng showed up and impressed. In his first ever TTTT he pulled the third ever fastest time with an 11:45. Mr. Meng has been a sleeper pick for the Grizzly Triathlon, and with that performance he's for sure put himself in the favorites category. 2nd was overall leader Wes with an 11:59. He improved his time by 1 second and moved into at tie for 6th all time with Brendan Halpin. Third place, making his annual TTTT appearance was Alan Adams with a 12:08. Good luck to Alan in Walla Walla.

On the ladies side Lindsy Campbell showed up big time. She recorded a 13:35. That's her best time by 8 seconds. 2nd place and overall leader was Kellie with a 14:30. UM Cycling phenom Mara rounded out the podium with a 14:50.

Bryce Daviess broke his PR with a 12:44. Josh Martel and Joe Oldenburg both broke their PR's with a 12:59 and 14:26.

Next Thursday is the finale. Series prizes and finale prizes will be given out. Also, it's a great bike preview for the Grizzly Triathlon.

Graham 11:45:00 Lindsy 13:35:00
Wes 11:59:00 Kellie 14:30:00
Alan 12:08:00 Mara 14:50:00
Bryce 12:44:00
Josh M. 12:59:00
Chris C. 14:10:00
Joe 14:26:00
Andrew 14:40:00

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TTTT - Round 4 Today

First rider off at 5:30.