Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dingman and Curry Mine for Wins in Butte

John Curry - Gallatin Alpine Sports/Instrinsik Architecture

Scott Herzig - Montana Velo

Landen Beckner - Montana Velo

Lisa Curry and Lindsay Campbell round out the podium, UCI Women grace us with their presence

The ladies of Montana Cyclocross are bananas. We had four UCI racers at the 2nd stop of the Montana Series. Also lining up were series leader Ingrid Lovitt, Iron Woman Julie Zickovich, and Pro Mountain Biker Megan Lawson. What a field! Dingman was all over the grass with a perfect tire selection and top notch power. 2nd-7th was actually really close, with lots of ladies reporting they had riders within sight. What a delight for Montana to have such strong women. I can't wait for Rolling Thunder

Herzig scares Curry, "The Future" is now

It took some sand and techy riding from John Curry to dis-lodge Scott Herzig. The two battled until 3 laps to go, where John made is move out of the grass barriers. Third place was Landen "The Future" Beckner. He beat his teammate Frank Gonzalez to make an MT Velo 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Clearly with Beckner on board the boys in orange and white are the team to beat. After 4th it was a pure suffer fest. In Montana, when the races are full gas who do you expect to race well? Duh, Bob Presta and Alex Lussier. The two hard-men rode through riders who were in various states of hallucination, to finish 5th and 6th.

Fiore, Beckner, Brooke, and Curtis take wins

In the largest field of the day Aubrey Curtis held off the GAS challenge from Hoffman and Crutcher to increase is lead in the Montana Standings. Wendy Brooke took a nice win in the ladie's 4 race and Randy Beckner beat out series leader Blair Fischer in the master's B. The masters A had good racing throughout. Travis Howard, Mike Longmire, Jeff Brooks, and John Fiore formed the front group. The heady Fiore noticed that Curry had come by and that meant they would finish on that lap. He attacked and stole the show.

Bozeman is next

Scott Herzig takes the series lead from Toby Meierbachtol, but now has to worry about John Curry creeping up on his home turf. Aubrey Curtis seems very secure at the top spot. We'll see what the GAS crew can throw at him next weekend. On the ladies side Dingman, Curry, and Campbell will continue their battle which seems to be coming down to equipment and course. Bozeman has great courses, and Kristian Miller/MSU will put on a good show.

Coulthard's rock

Coulthards and Russells again rocked the Copper Mountain Sports Complex. One of the best courses on the Montana Circuit. Excellent work. RACE RESULTS

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