Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, April 8, 2011

Roubaix Photos 4/7/11

Final pitch on the dirt climb on the loop.
The beginning of the dirt climb on the loop.
The left hand turn entering the loop.
A look back at the descent right before the left turn entering the loop (also a the climb on the way home).
The first dirt climb of the day.

My thoughts: The road is smooth. It's in better shape then Rattlesnake Drive. There are potholes but not much loose gravel. The sketchiest corner is the pavement corner by the Steakhouse. The crew is headed out to sweep today, but be weary. My biggest concern is the potholes located on key descents. There is a big batch right after the steep dirt descent on the loop. If you don't avoid it, I think it's a for sure pinch flat. The other pothole section I noticed was on the first dirt section of the day. There is a roller coaster dirt section and on one of the slight left hand bends there's a patch of potholes. The weather looks good for Sunday. If it rains and your not sure of conditions feel free to email or call (544-5270).

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Joshua Phillips said...

It's clean now! Ben, Josh, Peter, Peter's dad, and I went out and swept! Josh borrowed Doug's leaf blower to get that extra bit of dust off!