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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Collegiate Catch-Up

UM Triathlon
The UM Triathlon juggernaut is on a collision course with Alabama and Collegiate Triathlon Nationals. Get the latest information from their twitter feed. It's been added to the mtcx updater. UM Tri doesn't re-build they re-load. Johnny MT leads the squad but is joined by some solid performers that you might not know about. Ben Lovelace is a strong biker and an experienced triathlete. Also, Aaron Little has been coming on strong and filling in the 2/3 spot for the squad. Rounding out the 4th scoring spot you've got multiple experienced vets. Ed Hirsch who is a top notch swimmer and an improving cyclist, and Myke Hermsmeyer who's ridden more this year then ever. On the ladies side Kaitlin Kominsky (sp) has trained hard and looks to surprise at Nationals. Katherine Kettering brings experience to the plate and should anchor down a group of vets and newbies. Chris and Travis should increase the group's morale and I expect nothing less then a top 3 team finish.

UM Cycling
Phil said it best "If I won the lottery I'd donate 3% to UM Cycling." The gang has been quietly gathering results. James Bird and Nate Keck in the A's, Peter Young in the B's, TTTT star Wes and Anthony in the C's, Campbell in the A's and Mara in the B's (just to name a few). There are a couple business items to note before we get into the team. 1. UM Cycling Circuit Race is April 17th on the Goodan Kiel Loop (come out and cheer them on) 2. Cafe Dolce Fundraiser night is April 20th. This is the best UM Cycling Team since.....well maybe ever. Whoa now mtcx...what about Mark Legg National Champ, Josh Tack back to back conference champ, Women's TT champs last year? First and foremost this is the best organized team in UM Cycling history. Team time trial practice? Potlucks? Carpools? New Kits? Women's Rides? Second, the talent is there. The results aren't flooding in, but look at it this way. Nate and James are solid cat 2 cyclists, and Nate has the experience of bringing Mesa State to the promise land last year. Peter is on the brink. He's an A/B and I'm not talking blood type. He'll be an A sooner rather then later. So you've got a team trial with Bird, Nate, Peter, and TTTT champ Wes. What if Johnny MT shows up? Or Lovelace? On the ladies side you have one of the top 5 returners nationally in Campbell and probably the rookie of the year for the NWCCC in Mara. They won the Walla Walla team trial just the two of them. It gets better....TTTT champ Kellie hasn't even raced yet?! You get her out for a couple races and you have 3 A ladies and a team trial that not even the UM guys want to face.

See you at the Hell Ride. 5:30 footbridge. Goodan and Kiel Loop, dedicated to UM Cycling and Spring Break! Man, I miss Spring Break.

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