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Monday, February 7, 2011

Guest Blog Post - Dale'

The Looney Bin:

Have you ever tried to stay up with Dr. Adam “terminator” Jensen on a long MTB climb? It’s so hard and painful and awful we have coined a term for it: The Looney Bin.

Here is a typical Snowbowl Overlook Looney Bin experience: The ride starts out fairly easy and then we reach the first hill and start hammering. First your heart rate redlines for a few minutes, and then you start to cramp. The cramping gets exponentially worse until it feels like your entire body is getting beat with a shovel. At this point all you want to do is quit but the Doctor looks back at you and asks why you’re riding so slow. Now you’re exhausted and pissed. You take your body to the next level and your brain shuts off; all you can think about is staying on Adam’s wheel and maybe he will crack (which is never the case). The top of the climb is now in sight and the Doctor picks up the pace. You feel your lunch regurgitating and everything goes into slow motion. 100 yards from the top your body waves the white flag and Jensen pulls away. At the top you’re disoriented and have uncontrollable shakes. The terminator is calmly eating a sandwich and asking when you got so out of shape. This scene is repeated again and again throughout the summer and the outcome is always the same.


Adam said...

Really, that's how you feel? I had no idea, but you're making me blush. Maybe you should do more riding and less blogging...

Phil said...

If i Recall, the Dr. was sweating like a pig on a stick before he faked a mechanical and went home on the Camp Cryptic ride showcased on cyclingnews! Missoula might have the looney bin, but the Flathead is crazy as the wolf!