Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Blog

I added a new blog. Jeff Cincoski is getting back in race shape this spring. Follow his journey here

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MTCX Bloggers Phil and Matt

Both athletes are in interesting places. As Phil comes down from a big season with the Sentinel Hill Climb, Matt starts his training again and looks towards nordic. Whenever they post it's a must read. picture

Monday, October 31, 2011

Curry Rules Bozeman - Takes the title back from Frank

John Curry is the Montana Cyclocross State Champion. Frank Gonzalez had shown good form on Saturday taking the win from Bob Presta at Mulecross. On a twisty State Champs course Curry jumped out in front with Toby Meierbachtol and Bob Presta in tow. The Missoulians liked the course that favored punchier riders. Meierbachtol busted a derailleur and Presta had a mechanical taking both men out of contention. Gonzalez's consistent riding brought him into second but Curry was gone. Presta fought back through the field and finished 3rd. In his best ever MT weekend the MBW rider had a 2nd and 3rd. However the story of the day is once again the Curry/Frank 1-2 at the state. These guys have dominated cross in MT for the last 4 years.

On the ladies side, Lisa Curry and Lindsy Campbell had great starts and controlled the first part of the race. Anna Dingman rode consistently and within her range to slowly bring back Campbell. Great ladies field with Ingrid Lovitt, Megan Lawson, Amy Frykman, and a Fitzgerald's rider all contesting. Lisa Curry is the State Champ for 2011.

Congrats to other state champs; Erik Horn and Chance Cooke

Pascal Beauvais Montana State Champs Pictures

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sam and Ingrid wrap up Overall Wednesday Titles

Sam Schultz and Jesse Doll once again battled for the top spot of the podium Schultz won with Doll close behind. Dave Hartman set up a fun, long course, that actually had some taxing technical features. Perhaps the hardest section of the course was riding up the long hill and then running up the same hill. In between technical sections there was 45 seconds of hard packed straightaway. It made for a tactical battle in all categories.

Ingrid Lovitt wrapped up her series title in stylish fashion.

Ian Foster and John Bardsley continued their season long battle in the men's B.

Blair Fisher won the Master's B overall and John Fiore won the Master's A overall.

Mulecross and State Champs this weekend in Bozeman.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bozeman Cyclocross this Weekend

Last year's costume winners.

E-Mule showing off his skillz

Photos by Frigid Light Photography

The last weekend of Montana Cyclocross is upon us. Perhaps the best weekend of racing is here. It all comes down to this.

Saturday is Mulecross. A fun, festive atmosphere with a great course. Check out the Muleterro Blog for all the hype.

Sunday, the state championship heads to the fairgrounds for an all out battle between Montana's finest. Overall titles are still up for grasp. Check out the State Champs Blog.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rolling Thunder this Weekend

Online registration and apparel sales close 6pm MST today.

The link for race information and registration is to the right of this post.

Feel free to come out and ride the course today. The course will be in process all day, but come out and get the lines dialed.

Any questions about the race, email me, or call 406-544-5270.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Schultz and Ingrid Topple the Fields at WCX#5

photos by

The axe will go to another rider this year. However, Sam Schultz can still win when he wants. At Wednesday #5 he showed the field who was the top dog. He was in a big pack until riders started disappearing. Some were saving their legs for the big show and others had mechanicals. In the end Jessie Doll was the only man left. He took a strong 2nd on the evening.

Online Registration Closes at 6pm Friday MST

Have some pics. Also, official Thunder shirts and hats are available online. There is limited supply, so reserve yours now.

Last year the UM drum line came out.

Always an interesting array of fans. Matt Shryock shown here uses his vocal cords for the National Anthem and holding down his #1 fan crown.

Kevin Bradford-Parrish receiving the Thunder treatment after his 2nd place last year. KBP will be attendance for 2011.
Flathead Russ of Team Great Northern Cycles rips the sketchy descent. Great Northern Cycles has been a supporter of Rolling Thunder for 4 years.

Race Registration is always a spot to people watch.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rolling Thunder Champions

I never forget the Rolling Thunder Champions and neither should you:

Lisa Curry - 2007, 2009, 2010
Sam Schultz - 2009, 2010
Clint Muhlfeld - 2006, 2007
Chance Cooke - 2007, 2009
Mariah Morgan - 2009, 2010
Bridger Fiore - 2009, 2010
Mike Beltz - 2006
Frank Gonzalez - 2006
Nylene Wicks - 2006
Chris Connelly - 2007
Walt Chauner - 2008
John Weyhrich - 2008
Lucca Scariano - 2008
Tyler Hurst - 2008
Amy Frykman - 2008
Sam Krieg - 2008
Robert Sayler - 2009
Joey Lenaburg - 2009
Zach Guy - 2009
Bruce Johnson - 2010
Mark Knockey - 2010
Anna Dingman - 2010
Justin Cloute - 2010
Travis Monroe - 2010

Chance Cooke 2009 - One of the best two man battles we've seen with Frank and Chance locking horns.

Mike Beltz 2006
- Hopping barriers to victory, Mike was on fire that day and fought from behind to take the win

Lucca Scariano 2008 - The best junior race we've ever had. Scariano and Daniel Sullivan went back and forth all race long.

Amy Frykman 2008 - Epic battle with Krumpleman and Curry. First year we gave away a bike to the ladies. Amy still rides it.

Travis Monroe 2010 - Came out of nowhere to win the category 3 race and was taking lines that the 1,2 men couldn't find.

Besides the Rolling Thunder Champions there's has to be something said for consistency at one of the most un-predictable races in Montana. Toby Meierbachtol and John Curry have the most top tens with 4. Curry was 12th in 2006 and Toby was 15th in 2009.

24 champions, only 6 champions in the elite fields (Curry, Wicks, Frykman, Krieg, Muhlfeld, Schultz)

Add your name to the list.

Gue's in charge at Woodland, Curry wins an epic battle at Herron

John Curry has three Montana wins this year, and a Moose Cross victory. He is one of the favorites heading into Rolling Thunder weekend. John provided a good recap of the Flathead weekend.


Men’s B:

Overnight rains made for slick conditions on the tight and technical Woodland Park course. Muleterro's Erik Horn took an early lead and distaned himself from the group. In fact, his main competition was Lisa Curry from the Women's race and the two swapped leads several times. Erik used his technical skills and punchy power to pull away and take his first Montana series win, despite having to stop to add air to his tire late in the race.


Lisa Curry took to the front of the combined Men's B, Master B, and Women's race on lap one, and built a sizeable gap, taking the win and finishing 2nd overall. Megan Lawson was impressive on her singlespeed and powered over the slick course to take 2nd. Julie and Ingrid battled for the 3rd spot, with Ingrid pulling away after Julie's saddle broke late in the race.

Men’s A:

From the start Frank G and Owen drove a fast pace and after several laps a lead group of 5 was established with Frank G, Owen, Brad, Curry and Pippo (on his 29er). This group stayed together for several laps with Owen and Frank driving the pace. Brad crashed mid-race, and Curry fell off the pace. Owen pulled away to take a convincing win leaving Frank and Pippo to battle for 2nd. Crowd favorite Pippo put his MTB to use on the fast tricky descent and edged out Frank for 2nd.

Heron Park:

Men’s B:

The Heron park course is a Montana classic and is a racer and fan favorite. Erik Horn made it 2 for 2 on the weekend, taking the hole shot and never looking back.


Again it was Lisa Curry chasing Erik Horn for much of the race and pulling away from Megan Lawson who would finish a strong second ahead of Julie Z. Lindsy Campbell was the new addition to Sunday's line up but couldn't quite crack the podium finishing 4th.

Men’s A:

Sunday's 1/2/3 race proved to be one of the most exciting races in years in Montana 'cross. Curry was motivated after missing the podium Saturday and took the hole shot with Owen in tow. The duo went blow for blow on the punchy climbs and built a small lead over the first few laps. In an amazing effort the young Landon Beckner moved from 5th place all the way up to the leaders, only to roll his tubular shortly thereafter. With Landon out of the picture, his teammates Frank G and Scotty Herzig began working together to bring back the leaders, who were suffering a bit from the early race fireworks. With 3 to go there were 4 riders at the front of the race. Curry put in an attack after the double barrier section gapping the others. Herzig jumped in pursuit, leaving Owen and Frank behind. With 1 and a half to go, Herzig made the catch and attacked Curry going up the start/finish climb to the delight of the fans. Curry hung tight and the two swapped leads 4 times on the final lap. Curry made the decisive pass just before the final descent, leading out the sprint and edging Herzig at the line. Close behind, the battle for 3rd was raging. Owen and Frank sprinted for the line with Owen taking 3rd by inches.

I'll post any photos from the weekend. Send them my way.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Owen takes Woodland, Curry fights back at Herron

Woodland Park
1. Owen Gue
2. Phil Grove
3. Frank Gonzalez
4. John Curry

Herron Park
1. John Curry
2. Scott Herzig
3. Owen Gue
4. Frank Gonzalez

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flathead Cyclocross

Woodland 'X 2011
2011 09 27 Heron Park Poster Small

Sam Schultz takes first win at Equestrian Park

Photos by

Campbell and Schultz are too tough

Lindsy Campbell and Sam Schultz won the first ever races at the Equestrian Park. Campbell rode to a solo victory on course that combined some nice features and powerful riding. On the guys side, the largest lead group of the year formed early on with Schultz, Owen Gue, Toby Meierbachtol, Doug Shryock, Bob Presta, Alex Gallego, Jesse Doll and Peter Young. The group slowly whittled down until it was Schultz, Gue, and Doll. OG slipped a chain and it took him out of contention. Schultz laid down World Cup Power on the final laps and got rid of Doll who rode and impressive season debut. Bob Presta fought hard to round out the podium.

Woodland and Herron Cross this weekend

Matt Butterfield and Tim Killien have done a fabulous job with this cross weekend. I believe there will be a party at Great Northern Cycles on Saturday evening. The courses, people, and energy are all excellent. It's the last chance to earn Rolling Thunder call up points. There are call ups in all categories.

Cool report on Cyclocross and the Wednesday Night Races
by Jen Bardsley

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday Night Cyclocross

Tomorrow's Missoula Wednesday Night Race will be held at the Equestrian Park off of Tower Street. It's across the street from the Rolling Thunder venue.

Thunder Shirt

Pre-Order your Thunder shirts and hats at online registration

Friday, October 7, 2011

Moose Cross this weekend and Wednesday's not at the Fort

Moose Cross is this weekend in Victor, ID. It is one of the best cross weekends we have in our region. The promoters do it up right and you won't be disappointed.

Missoula Wednesday Night Cross #4, #5, and #6 will be held at a different location. I will get you the location as soon as I hear.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kiefer adds his name to the Thunder Favorites

Photos by

The battle did not disappoint. Toby raced a Cross Crusade last weekend and has shown consistent form, but he seemed to be the forgotten man heading into race #3. The front group formed with Kiefer, Toby, Owen, and Bob. Sam Schultz bridged on the 2nd lap and the leaders pressed on. Mr. Hahn is relatively new to cross compared to his compatriots but his cornering ability has been on full display this season. Legs and skillz and you got a winner.

Moose Cross is Leaving the Lights on for Montana Racers