Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lisa Curry makes the Cyclingdirt List

Colt from is changing the game of race media. I am a sucker for creative race coverage, rankings, and general fun media coverage. Every week I wait for Colt's weekly rankings to come out. For the most part I agree with his ranking system, but it's not about's about consistency. I think many people would argue with me about this, but hear me out. Where else are you going to find a consistent ranking system that gets updated weekly and includes explanations? I would argue that Colt is translating mainstream sports coverage over to cycling. What's the difference between an ESPN analyst giving his top 5 NFL teams and Colt's cyclocross rankings? I think the stuff he's doing on his website is ground breaking for bicycle racing.

Congrats to Lisa for being the first Montanan to make the rankings. Also, late congrats to Canadian and Elliot coached Craig Richey for becoming a staple on the list.