Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, August 20, 2010

Montana State Cyclocross Championship - Polson Rumpus

Matt Seeley has stepped up to host the state championship in Polson. Last year the event provided a great course, beautiful scenery, and a community atmosphere. The date will be Saturday November 20th.

Seeley's course features rolling terrain, creative use of the fairgrounds, single track, and some nasty ride/run ups.

Early apologies to the Bozeman crew. I know Polson is not easy for you to travel too. We are working on a Sunday event to sweeten the pot.

With Polson State Champs added, we currently have 12 wonderful races scheduled for the Montana series. 3-5 brand new courses, 2 night time races, and the classics; Woodland, Herron, Copper Mountain, and Mulecross.

Start scheduling your season before it's too late. Find babysitters, dogsitters, or pack up the RV Morgan style because your not going to want to miss out. Old rivalries, ladies rivalry, new rivalries, young talent, masters battles, carbon wheels, super fans, crashes, beer, pits, barriers.....only 4 winners each race.

Are you going to win a race this year?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is back for year 5.

American Legion Field will once again be the venue. Expect a technical, rough, and competitive race. As always some new features both on and off the bike will be added.

- A separate race for first timer women and first timer men. Encourage your friend or relative to come out and race for the first time. It's $5 entry (so $15 total with the one day license). This is where the next MT cross star will come from.

- A separate race for the men's cat 3's. The often forgot about cat 3's will have their own prize list and race. RACERS: this is your first warning if you want to be in the main event and your not a cat 2 yet, you will need to upgrade.

- Cycling House Beer Garden. Owen and The Cycling House have stepped up their sponsorship in a major way. TCH will be providing a "beer garden island," with excellent course views and the finest brew around.

Other fun things I'm working on for 2010: A marching band, shot gun start, demo bikes, shuttle to post race party, techno band, and of course new COURSE FEATURES!!!!

Is anybody going to take the axe away from Sam? WillyZ says someone from HCT is thinking about coming......