Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, August 6, 2010

Star Crossed is filling up

Star Crossed registration is filling up.

Men 4 - 31 spots
Master Men 4 - 9 spots
Single Speed - 29 spots
Master Men 1/2 - 5 spots
Men 3 - 17 spots.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Working Man/Woman Stage Race


Bozeman Working Man/Woman Stage Race this week. Check out the GAS website or Facebook page for more details.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jeff's Butte Photos

Butte 100 Quotes

"12 hours 30 minutes...the first 50 i felt fantastic...but my stomach shut down at about 45 miles and i couldn't eat for the rest of the day or drink electrolytes...ended up using plain water and was pure survival for the last 50 miles" - Jesse Doll

"From aid station 6 to 7 I covered 12 miles in 2.5 hours" - Toby Meirerbachtol

"I was hurting at aid station 4 and didn't think I could go anymore. I made it to mile 81." - Dan Pierce

"I went past aid station 7 and a volunteer said I was the first hundy through, I knew then that Tinker had gotten lost, soon after I got lost, when I got back on course I was in 8th." - Clint Muhlfeld

"My stomach balled up and I couldn't eat anymore, Kiefer and I decided to keep going. On the second 50 loop we were averaging 3 mph on the climbs and 10 mph on the descents." - Alex Gallego

"Between aid station 1 and 2 I went over the bars on the descent. It really shook me up. I laid in the bushes and tried to compose myself." - Doug Shryock

"Frank was on a good day from mile 1, I was hoping to just stay close" - Owen Gue

"No offense but I'm sad to see all you guys sitting here." - Emily Kipp