Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grizzly Triathlon

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Roubaix update

Josh Martell rode the Roubaix course last night in some nasty conditions. Here's what he had to say:

"Rode the course last night (from the pond, 2 laps, then back) on a specialized roubaix with 23's. The bike completely muddied/froze to the point of disfunction. Upon arrival to the car (after 2:45 mins to go only 38 mi) my bike was in the following condition; entire bike was encased in frozen mud, all spokes were just larger than the size of a pencil, rims thick with ice, cables same deal, breaks rubbing (had a new set of rear pads that are now about 50%). When I lifted the bike to the roof of the car it seemed like it was about 10lbs heavier. I am a beginner cat 5 with currently average fitness (to put things in perspective). Just thought this would be good info! See you Sunday!"Saturday is supposed to be a beautiful sunny day in the 50's. As you can see above rain is in the forecast for Sunday. Tamara has driven the course today and says it's dried up and is in solid shape. "Similar to last year."

It's a tough choice on equipment this year. I think Saturday will be the best barometer. I'll post a report from the volunteer crew heading out Saturday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Rocky Mountain Roubaix

This is a picture of the first dirt climb. I took it today (Thursday).
This is a closer view of the first dirt climb.
Here's a map I made of the course.

I had a great lunch break today. I drove the Rocky Mountain Roubaix course. The snow was flying and the wind was howling. Here are my thoughts on the condition of the gravel roads:

1. The roads were graded recently. The good news is we've gotten some good moisture and the majority of the route has tire tracks with no gravel.

2. In my opinion the worst sections were up the climb on the circuit. Several of the bends in the climb had very few smooth lines.

3. The descents were in ok shape with a couple smooth lines.

4. Today the road was sticky in places. Road brakes could have the potential to accumulate mud (weather depending).

That said I will be riding my road bike with tubular tires. A cross bike or beefier tire would be recommended. Also, with the cross bike you could eliminate the possibility of mud ruining your day. I'm riding my road bike because I don't think it will be muddy by the time Sunday rolls around and I'm confident in my tubular setup.

Just like last year if your in the middle or back of the peleton use caution. There aren't a ton of smooth lines and some sizable rocks on the course.

As always this is just my opinion. Feel free to email me if you have more questions.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TTTT Round 4

Yesterday's TTTT was the last chance to see athletes prior to the Grizzly Triathlon and Rocky Mountain Roubaix. It's fun to see everyone's preparation style. Most folks decided to stay indoors. The wind was blowing and mid-day snow scared numerous participants.

Overall Standings
Round 4 Results

The riders that did come out were rewarded with a character building ride ahead of the biggest spring weekend. Also, throwing down a time were Alan Adams and Adam Jensen. Alan was fresh off of a big win in the Frozen Flatlands Time Trial and Adam has just finished 16th in a stacked pro field at 70.3 in Cali. These two would do battle with series leader Johnny Montana and James. In the end AA/AJ combo was too much for the young guns. Alan won the day with a 12:02 and Adam finished a close second with a 12:06. 3rd was John with a 12:18.

Only the strongest ladies showed in the worse conditions thus far. Series leader Kellie Carim continues to impress, taking the win with a 14:01. Campbell was second with a 14:10 and for the first time this year Meg Gaskill came out and put in a fabulous, 14:14. Most folks don't know this put that trio is going for the conference championship in the team time trial. Watch out for the Griz in that event!

So looking ahead to this weekend. Jessie is still on form and will lead a strong group to Walla Walla with Seth, Brian, Lily, Campbell, Wes, and Kellie. Johnny MT solidified his stance as a top 7 candidate in the Griz Tri, as did Lacy.

Next week is the last week of the TTTT. Series finale time! Prizes and lots of fun.

UM Tri made a big jump this week. 18 to 13 Triathlon.

The top photo is of Lacy giving her all at Frozen Flatlands last weekend. Lacy has put in big time effort on the bike this year and I think it's going to pay off at the Grizzly Triathlon.

New Blog added - Grizzly Man Adventure Race

Check it out!

It's happening in two weekends and is going to be a blast.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TTTT 5:30 Today! Last chance before the GRIZZZZZZ

Today is round 4 of the Taco Tuesday Time Trial. Our overall leaders are John Fitzgerald and Kellie Carim. Round 3 saw two course records fall. Tamara Bessette and Brian Williams laid down some fast times. With nasty weather planned for today it's un-likely we see those records fall today.

However I do know of some special guests who plan on laying down a time.........he eats bolts for dinner......

I posted a little preview video for the Grizzly Triathlon. Just a couple notes on Saturday's race. Downtown Joel Brown and myself will be announcing all day. Come stop by! We're planning on streaming the transition area live on U-stream. Also, I'll be providing updates via twitter. It's going to be a great day.

Remember this is just day 1 of an incredible weekend. Day 2 is the Rocky Mountain Roubaix. MTcx is going to give a special prize to the athlete with the lowest combined finish places (i.e. 1st in the Griz, 2nd in Roubaix = a score of 3)

On that note....I've been brewing something up for Rolling Thunder. For 2010 I've decided to return to the Montana Heritage. Rolling Thunder will be October 16th and the Hellgate Duathlon will be October 17th. As always each race will be scored separately, however MTcx will be hosting an underground competition. Best combined finish in Thunder and Hellgate wins.

Who is the best athlete in Montana? Maybe we should play night time street ball on Saturday night just to keep things well rounded.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Frozen Flatlands

I wasn't at the race this weekend, but it looks like there was a solid Montana contingent. For results click here. For photos by TU on Smugmug click here.

Highlights include wins by Josh Tack in Sunday's RR and Alan Adams in the time trial. Also taking the masters tt and GC was Eric Greenburg. Other highlights include Flathead Russ taking 3rd in the cat 3 GC.

There was a strong group of Montana ladies. Ivy represented in the 1,2,3 race and Joey/Lacy worked it in the 4's.

Great work MT riders. It looks like the form is coming just in time for the Roubaix.

TTTT tomorrow @ 5:30.