Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Updates

Speedwagon Classic - Seeley, Tack and Pipo made up the lead group. Pipo flatted, leaving Tack and Seeley to battle it out. Seeley dropped Tack on the last climb and won. Polson Mike rode strong in third and AG was 4th, the Dave Hartman special tubulars took me to 5th.

Billings Crit - Morgan, Morgan, Morgan

Lewistown Duathlon - "John Fitz took first with a time of 52:48, which was 12 seconds slower than Ben Hoffmans course record of 52:36. He was well ahead going into the second run and 2nd place came in just under 3 minutes behind him. He made sure to thank God and the TTTT for his victory. Josh Goldberg came in 3rd overall, and Lacey and Katherine took 2nd and 3rd overall for the woman. Ed Hirsh and Ben Williams also raced and did really well. As for myself I wasn't planning on racing until 15 minutes before and due to some serious dehydration I had a leg cramp up with 4 miles left in the bike, spinning the rest of the way with one leg and hobbling through the second run" - Mike H.

California 70.3 - Matty Ice 29th, Halpin 22nd, Jensen 16th, Hoffman 7th. Jen???? Good swim I heard.

Collegiate - "Justin won the D's road race, the rest of the guys were in the top five or ten in that race. Kellie got third by a hair, Jesse was in the top ten and looked good. As for me... well I just can't win. I got second again. I think Kellie and I were just behind Whitman in the TTT. We felt good and figured a lot of stuff out." - Lindsy

Interesting Fun Fact from Frank about the Training Race. "I felt like I was in a pro tour breakaway. In case anybody is interested...John Curry's normalized power output for 1 hour 38 minutes was... 321 WATTS!!!! Just shy of one of the breakaway power files (Garmin guy I think Frischkorn) from last years Tour of Flanders. Brians had to be very similar if not a bit higher. We were rolling like the big boys."

Friday, March 26, 2010

Speedwagon and Muddy Huetter Roubaix

Tomorrow and Sunday are the first races of the year for me.

I'm excited to race some dirt and see where my fitness is at.

So much has been going on in our little athletic community that sometimes I forget about my own races. It's been great. Everything from the UM Team holding 5th in the conference to Matty's first couple races. I'm getting so much enjoyment rooting for these top up and comers. Don't forget about Scott Lipp repping in the A group for MSU. He's been having an excellent collegiate season.

This weekend is a big weekend around the region. Most hardcore roadies and mtb'ers will be at the Speedwagon Classic in Polson. The UM and MSU Cycling Teams will be pushing hard in Bellingham and Seattle. Jessie Agner races in the A's for the first time. While Lindsy tries to improve upon her 2nd place in the conference. On the triathlon side of things; Brendan, Adam, Matt, Hoffman, and Jen are all down in Cali for the 70.3. Overall a big weekend for Montana endurance athletes.

Best of luck to everyone, I will try to keep on top of updates this weekend.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TTTT #3 - Records Fall

The TTTT pre-hype reached new levels yesterday. Before the start we had an anonymous donor give $50 to anyone who broke a course record. The guys field had several candidates. Brian had un-officially broken the record last week (wrong turn), our series leader Johnny MT has dipped below 12, and Mr. Tack and Zellmer were in attendance. On the ladies side there were three top riders who had a shot. Lindsy was close to the record last year and is very much capable, series leader Kellie had put up 13:43 last week, and Tam made an appearance.

3 Personal records were set last night. Ivy bested her PR by a whole minute with a 14:08. UM Cycling wild man Luke killed his PR with a 13:56 (shaving 2+ minutes). Track star Kara put up a 13:54 which took off 6 seconds on her PR. The conditions were not fast with a head wind on the back stretch. Even more impressive that our new TTTT record holders are:

Brian Williams 11:46
Tamara Bessette 13:05

All Results are updated on the side panel underneath TTTT.

Johnny MT and Kellie continue to lead our overall standings. Brian moved to 2nd as did Kara.

Cycling had a big day yesterday and moved back into contention. 13 - 10 Triathlon still leads.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Montana Spring Classics

Photo by Cathrine L. Walters.

The start of the Spring Classics begins this weekend. Two years ago around this time I wrote a blog post about combining regional forces and offering lots of spring "classics" type races.

The time is now. Northern Rockies Classic Season begins this weekend.

SATURDAY: Matt Seeley's Speedwagon Classic is this Saturday. 55 miles of hilly riding. A mix of pavement and dirt. Click here for more information. Don't ever miss a Matt Seeley event. It always includes food, and extremely difficult riding. If you want to see what your made of then come to the Speedwagon. The mass start race (Grand Fondo) idea is killing it in the states right now. Seeley has got it nailed once again. The Speedwagon is a can't miss Montana Event.

SUNDAY: Our friends to the west, Vertical Earth are putting on a new Roubaix called the Muddy Huetter Roubaix. Click here for more information. Relatively flat, roubaix style course with mixed conditions. Gaertners' and company know how to race, and put on races. Expect nothing but top notch, riding in the gutter, mud on the face racing.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY - April 3/4: Frozen Flatlands in Spokane, WA is a staple on the calendar. Great racing, including a time trial. Just because this is a stage race doesn't mean it doesn't have early spring conditions. Almost every year it seems like one of the days stays below freezing.

SUNDAY - April 11th: Rocky Mountain Roubaix. The pinnacle of spring racing in our area. You win you take home the rock. Drama, elbow to elbow racing and non stop action.

Four events make up the early season "Spring Classics" this year. Expect full on competition. Who is the hardest of the hard-men and women?

TTTT Round 3 Today

Round 3 of TTTT will start at 5:30.

Overall Leaders are John Fitzgerald and Kellie Corim.

Last week's winners were Brian and Kellie.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Training Race Photos

Photos by Wendy Doll

Results are in the previous post.

The start of the Montana road season has come and gone. There are only a few chances to test your form before the Roubaix. Saturday's training race was one of them.

The winning break in the A group contained Montana All Stars John Curry, Frank Gonzalez, and Brian Williams. After long cx seasons Frank and John showed why their two of the best. Brian had shown his form in the TTTT early in the week. Getting dangerously close to a course record. The break worked well and the Montana strong men held their advantage to the line.

The B group stayed together for most of the course. Cameron Johnson and GAS riders Armstrong, Vernon, and Curry were the most active. Johnson attacked hard mid race but the head wind and lack of cooperation foiled his chances. In the end a bunch finish was meant to be. Proving his sprinting potential Joshua Phillips took the gallop to the line. Shout out to Corbin, Zickovich, Dingman, Curry, and Halvorson for hanging tough in the B's. I love Montana strong-women!

The C group was won by Ed Hirsch. 2nd was newcomer Jason Hardling. The group broke up and Ed made the right moves. Thanks to our chaperons John Wehyrich and Joey Lenaburg.