Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interview with Brian Frykman

Last year Brian Frykman stormed onto the Montana road scene. He took victories at Roubaix, The State Championship, and Elkhorn. He's back again this year and has some major goals in mind. One of them is to keep things fun. Don't let the Freightrain mentality fool you Brian is all about having fun and kicking it with cool folks. One piece of road racing advice from personal experience. Don't give this guy an inch!

MTCX: You had a great season last year. How is the 2010 Frykman race schedule shaping up? What are your major goals?

Frykman: This year promises to be an exciting one since I have more time to train! I'm stoked for the Montana spring classics...Roubaix, Belt etc, then Bear Lake, Utah TTT, then on to the Elkhorn Classic and maybe go over to Cascade Classic to get thoroughly schooled by the pros. I’m also looking forward to the Tour de Bozeman. It sounds like some bigger teams are coming, which should make for a fun event. My big goal this year is to try and podium at Masters Nationals Time Trial in Louisville, KY. Mostly I'm just psyched to race the Montana scene, make new friends, and have a good time racing with the folks I already know.

I know Sam Krieg is your coach. He's a bit of a legend in Missoula with his Rolling Thunder performances. What's it like working with him? Is he accepting more clients?

Sam is an AWESOME coach, with him there is no BS and his enthusiasm is infectious. He demands a lot of work, but there is also a balance with work and life that he gets that makes training manageable even when working 50hrs a week. His philosophy is train like you race....Hard! My favorite Sam Krieg quote: "Your pain is not special.....just do the work.” The training is Power based, and yes, he currently has room for one or two more racers.

I don't want you to give away any GAS secrets but often times last year I felt like I was racing Tour of Flanders with Quick Step. Between Curry, Morgan, Lussier, and yourself there are numerous cards to play on any given day. Any newcomers looking fast this year? Is the multiple prong strategy anything you guys ever talk about? Do you talk about strategy?

SWEET! I love Team Quickstep....can I be Devolder? Actually, the GAS team spends a lot of time trying to emulate Quickstep tactics and strategy. Often times during a race we will just ask each other WWDD, which is code for What Would Devolder Do! That really gets things fired up! Seriously though, the new breed of GAS/Intrinsik riders looks promising....with guys like Corey Meyer crushing the sprints at Tour de Bozeman, "Simmons" Lipp going for the long breaks, "Podium Boy" Weston working like a horse, plus many others moving up thru the ranks, I'd say the future looks bright for GAS/Intrinsik.

What have you been doing this off-season?

Off season? Whats that?! Road training started Christmas Eve with a 20 minute threshold test! Ouch! I got in some great days tromping around in the woods this fall during hunting season, but I've pretty much been riding the trainer hard since then with some skate skiing, backcountry skiing and tram laps at Big Sky thrown in for good measure. GAS also has the Tuesday night multisport headlamp adventure series as well to make sure every muscle group gets pummeled, and I've made it to some of those, but some are just downright nasty.

What's your best hour of power average watts?

Power is a funny thing. I think it’s important to train with power in mind, but its only one small part of the whole racing picture. Last years best hour was 377 watts, but this year should be 20 watts higher if all goes well.

Who's your favorite pro racer? Who's your favorite local racer?

Willie Zelmer is my favorite local rider. He is young, but I think he is crushing it! I've watched him go from a young pipsqueak of a boy in the Cat 4 field (when I was racing Cat 4) to a bit of a beast, and definitely someone I've been thinking about and will be closely watching this summer. Jens Voigt is my favorite Pro. That guy pours his heart and soul into working for his team just as much as his attacks for the win! Wow!

Bottom Line, I think the Montana Race Scene has a lot of talented riders that have the ability to represent at any regional races. We don't have the numbers of racers, so there's no place to really hide for very long. I think ALL the Bike Racers in MT are tough, cause that’s what it takes to hang in a state where there is no pack fill.

Thanks, Brian Frykman

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carlos Sastre live and uncut

Eight Tour de France Part 4

This video is a little long, but it's worth it. Carlos Sastre is an honorable person and a good teammate.