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Friday, January 29, 2010

Boom! Cross Worlds in Louisville 2013

Check it out here

Monday, January 25, 2010

Malta, MT Stage Race

I'm in a hotel in Malta, MT. It's 2 degrees and I'm researching places to host a stage race. You can google maps Malta if you want, but here's all you need to know; 6.5hrs from Mssla, 4.5hrs from Bozeman, 3hrs from GFalls, 4hrs from Helena, and 3hrs from Billings.

Is this crazy?

Absolutely not! It's the exact opposite. Dream with me for a bit.....

Twisty, un-inhabited roads with the river slowly rolling next to you. Beautiful blue sky, birds chirping, and fans cheering for you like crazy. Rolling terrain, 65 degree weather, and a light breeze.

Ok, let's stop pretending.....

Rollers that never end and make your legs scream with pain. Brutal gail force winds that don't let up. 45 degree temps, snow mixed with rain, and Freightrain Frykman ripping your legs off.

So, right now your probably thinking "he expects people to show for this?" The truth is I learned something last year...

I competed in the Cascade Creampuff. I drove 10 hours, got 4 hours of "sleep", started racing @ 5am, and raced 12 hours, choking down bars and trying not to die. Last year I also competed in the 50k OSCR. I bonked the hardest I ever had and limped in doing something that resembled nordic walking. The point is these are the two events I talk about the most and the two events I will take away from my 2009 race year. And no it's not because those events are "epic." Just ask fast OSCR people, who bang that thing out in 2:30. That's like 2.5 gels!

It's not just about another bike race. It's about competition, fitness, tactics, weather, and good ole fashion classics style bike racing!

I don't have any information on the Malta Stage Race (name, date, course), but I promise you this it will tell a story. A story like the Roubaix, like Cow Country and like the Tour de Bozeman. I'm not talking about stories that are written on this blog, I'm talking about Kneller soloing at the Roubaix, or Evan Elken ripping legs at Ecology.

Please feel free to take part in my poll above. I will use your votes to decide the course and race format. YOU HAVE THE POWER. Scary but good. The poll will end Friday, and next week I'll announce the stages.