Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Today was a "B" race in Beernem, Belgium. I don't know if the town has anything to do with beer, but they sure do like their cyclocross. A big crowd, and big field showed up on a sunny Christmas day to race and spectate. heard was sunny!!

Here's a link to some images. Also be sure to check Cyclocross Magazine later in the day for a unique gallery.

That's it for now. Tomorrow is World Cup action from Zolder. Wake up early, brew some coffee, and watch it on the internet.


geert said...

hi Tom

Beernem is the old name for muddy place

History of Beernem

Beernem was first mentioned on a certificate in 847 as Bernehem. The name is derived from the Germanic words “Birnu” and “Hamma”, meaning bear or muddy place in the shape of a bear and spit of land that juts out into marshland. For thousands of years it was a desolate area of forests, heath and marshes.



tom said...

Hi Geert. Thanks so much for the note. That's good stuff!