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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Downtown Joel Brown

UM Triathlon Legend and Rolling Thunder/Griz Tri Announcer Downtown Joel Brown is moving. He's asked that I don't make a big deal of obviously I'm going to make a big deal of it.

In honor of my good friend leaving. I'd like to share my favorite Joel Brown memory:

It was holiday time, and the Missoula student exodus had began. Ben Horan was back for the weekend and Matt and JB decided to throw a holiday showcase party. The party would include a gift exchange, and holiday showcase (talent show). I'd heard stories of JB being able to rip it up on the keyboard but I had yet to experience it. Matt welcomed us in an offered us a seat in the living room. I walked around the corner to see Downtown JB in dimly lit room working the keyboard. I noticed right away that he was focused and super into the jams.

JB: Want to hear something?
SR: Sure. (thinking it would be Mozart or something)
JB: Ok, it's Nelly - Hot in Here
SR: Yeah Right

JB proceeded to pump out the early 2000 Club Hit, Nelly - Hot in Here. I'll never forget it.

Photo by John Sieber.

Sorry for the interruption on Tom's Belgium Reports. Great work Tom!

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