Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cyclocross Season is Done and Trainer Season has Begun

Cyclocrosser's have been lighting up their Facebook accounts with "Season over!" and "Time to relax."

For Montana's finest cyclocross racers it's time for a well deserved break. Kick back and enjoy your favorite adult beverage.

For other Montana racers its trainer season. The buzz is everywhere.

Most of the Missoula triathletes never really quit training. The Big Kid's Swim Lounge is not only going strong, but its been taken to another level, with coach Payne at the helm. NRO and MBW both have weekly trainer nights. Upstart UM Cycling has been hosting their own trainer nights and been reporting 5-10 folks a time. President, Peter Young even asked me for some old Velonews Magazines for trainer material. Even Coach Brad has been on the bike (shout-out to Pure Coaching, if you need a cycling coach Brad is a good one). You know you got the fever when you attend one of Coach Besseti's spin classes...........I'm not saying I did that.......

With lots of fun spring events planned the early birds are already out. The Working Stiff Mountain Bike Series, Grizzly Triathlon, Re-vamped Training Races, American Prairie Classic, St. George Ironman, and The Rocky Mountain Roubaix.

Keep track of all the winter training on the mtcx blogroll. If you want to join the blog roll send me your link and I'll put it up.

On a side note; good luck to Bryce and Kipp on their adventure down the coast this winter. I will be thinking of you guys.

I wonder if the Williston Rec Center has spin bikes.....


Elliot Bassett said...

I've never seen a bike racer in my spin class, let alone Mr. MTCX. Just some dudes in cut off khakis and slammers.

pippo said...

"I'd like to make it known that I will for the third year in a row refuse to touch a trainer."