Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brawl of the Wild - Cyclocross Style

In anticipation for the upcoming "Brawl of the Wild" I did some research on who's leading the "Town Standings." Through Great Divide CX.

1. Bozeman 27 wins - strong up and coming performances from Dingman and Mini Morgan have helped the already strong Currys, and JulieZ

2. Helena 17 wins - Herzig's resurgence mixed in with Frankie's consistency is leading the charge, but the Brooke family and Finley have helped increase the tally.

3. Missoula 16 wins - Mostly led by Bridger and Campbell, Missoula also scored big wins from Kindred, Fiore, and Scotty.

4. Flathead 9 wins - Chance and Chauner lead this bunch, but a Killien and a couple others chipped in as well.

5. Billings 1 win - Rob Newsome is the man in Billings.

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