Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rolling Thunder is here

I got an email today that put me in a good mood. It's an email I've gotten for the past 4 years a week before Thunder.

The email was from Downtown Joel Brown.

"Any requests/ideas for rolling thunder music?"

For the last year every time "Hells Bells" played on the radio, Ben Horan would text me. I'm talking in the middle of January I'd get an email, chat, or text once a week.For me Rolling Thunder = Christmas. The lead up to the event, the friends from out of town, the MT bike racing community.

I'm not publicizing this information to show you how nerdy we are (that's a given). I'm showing you this because we love Rolling Thunder and we love that people come and race it. We are incredibly lucky to have the best MT racers come to Missoula and duke it every year. I can't wait for Saturday.

Let's get it on.

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