Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Team

Sponsors: Big Sky Bikes (Specialized, Giant) & Sapphire Physical Therapy
Schedule: Missoula Wednesday Nights, Star Crossed, Rad Racing, Butte, Moose Cross, Bozeman, Thunder, Flathead, Mulecross, Billings, Helena, Polson, Portland, Nationals

Elite Team

Bridger Fiore, is going to be a beast. He's grown and is ready to compete with the best juniors in the country. Look for Bridger at all the big races and cat 4 fields in Montana.

Lindsy Campbell, was a cyclocross revelation last year. She finished 2nd at collegiate nats. LC splits her time between repping the UM Cyclocross Team and

Heidi Gaskill, is new to the team this year. She has a super good attitude and anytime she races she's a threat. She's got a busy schedule, but look for her at Thunder.

Joey Lenaburg, is mentally tough. After her super human volunteer of the year, Thunder victory last year I had to have her on the team. It seems like each year she gets a little bit better a cross. I think this year will be her biggest jump.

Mike Longmire, is a staple in the national master's scene. This is Mike's 2nd year on the team. He's podium-ed at Rad Racing and Nationals. Mike is a great all around rider. ML will be rocking the Specialized Crux this season.

John Fiore, is the glue that holds the team together. He's finished high in national races (including a 4th this year at Rad). John excels in muddy, technical conditions.

Jesse Doll, had a breakout season last year and looks primed for big sophomore season. Two top 37 rides at Starcrossed and Rad, build this riders confidence as he joins the elite field. Jess is a great all around rider, built on excellent technical skills and solid flatland power.

Bob Presta, was the team's best rider last year. He won the Wednesday Night series, placed top ten at Thunder, and won a race in the Flathead. He's back again this year. Bob is one of the best technical riders in Montana, and is known for his killer instinct.

Ben Horan, is back. After a couple rough seasons Horan is back and looks to prove his Helena prologue time was no fluke. In all seriousness the Flying Horanimal will be in the mix on a new Giant TCX. Great technical skills for an ex tri geek, and power for days.

Josh Tack, always underrated on the cross bike, Tack came on strong at the end of last season. High finishes at Polson and the Wednesday Night #5. Josh can do anything on a bike and cyclocross is no different.

Brian Williams, is coming off his best road season to date. He's got a new Giant TCX and a motivation to stay fit over the Fall. Brian is another good all around rider, but excels at power out of corners and sprinting.

Scott Lenaburg, has made the jump to the cat 3's and is one of two riders to join the mtcx elite ranks. Scott is a heady rider with solid power. He's looking to jump in with the big boys and make an impact.

Cameron Johnson, new to the team and new to the cat 3's. I'm excited to have Cameron on the team. He is my first rider from outside of the Missoula area. He's based out of Big Sky and loves cx. Look for Cameron to show up big at the Bozeman and Billings weekends.

Jeff Cincoski, is a wild card. Every team needs someone like Jeff. He keeps the team morale high and is a selfless rider. I expect improved results from him this year as he's transitioned his focus to the cx bike.

Team Riders:
Sara Raz
- In her second season of cx, Sara is ready for action at the Wednesday Night Series
Kyle Shannon - An excellent supporter of cx in MT, Kyle will be popping up at the W.N.S.
Zeb Ruby - Look for Zeb to be catching air and rallying his cx bike at race near you!
Chris - He is a new junior rider who's pumped on cyclocross.
Brent Ruby - His early cx season will be spent focusing on Ironman Hawaii, but look for him in the 2nd half of the season.

Photos by John Sieber and Natasha Westphal

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