Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Butte 100 Quotes

"12 hours 30 minutes...the first 50 i felt fantastic...but my stomach shut down at about 45 miles and i couldn't eat for the rest of the day or drink electrolytes...ended up using plain water and was pure survival for the last 50 miles" - Jesse Doll

"From aid station 6 to 7 I covered 12 miles in 2.5 hours" - Toby Meirerbachtol

"I was hurting at aid station 4 and didn't think I could go anymore. I made it to mile 81." - Dan Pierce

"I went past aid station 7 and a volunteer said I was the first hundy through, I knew then that Tinker had gotten lost, soon after I got lost, when I got back on course I was in 8th." - Clint Muhlfeld

"My stomach balled up and I couldn't eat anymore, Kiefer and I decided to keep going. On the second 50 loop we were averaging 3 mph on the climbs and 10 mph on the descents." - Alex Gallego

"Between aid station 1 and 2 I went over the bars on the descent. It really shook me up. I laid in the bushes and tried to compose myself." - Doug Shryock

"Frank was on a good day from mile 1, I was hoping to just stay close" - Owen Gue

"No offense but I'm sad to see all you guys sitting here." - Emily Kipp

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