Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breckinridge Epic - Stage 2

Stage 2- The Colorado Trail- 41 miles, 6100' of elevation gain, once again, all above 10 G. Bigger than yesterday, not as big as tomorrow!

Race Report: Muhlfeld was feeling feisty at the start and tried to get Pua Sawicki to come over to our man cave tonight, to which she responded with a crisp downshift and hammered away down the trail, guess she can't take a joke! Meanwhile Parsons was still waking up his dormant legs and finding his way up through the pack. Apparently our timidness at going into the red yesterday set us up well today as we were easily riding in the top ten for the first 45 minutes of the race. Then a couple mechanicals started biting us (front derailleur shifted, seat post slipping again, chain drop) and we quickly lost 5 minutes and 5 spots. No big deal, we're in this for the long haul. Feeds went smooth, Parsons was pounding the endurolytes, antifatigues, and aminos to fight cramping in the first couple hours and turned around midway to regain "rock star" legs.

Todays trails made yesterday's look like mincemeat pie with babyheads for flavor. We were greeted with an epic descent of buff, tree-blurringly fast singy from a high point of 11,600' along the Colorado Trail. The course was truly a gem as Mike put on some of Brecky's best singletrack. We still kept our pace in check but were psyched to have easily cracked the top 15 today and put an additional 15 minutes into the Swiss Endurance Racers men's duo team (putting them roughly 50 minutes back). We are committed to keep riding within our limits through the week in hopes of doing something a little special on the last day or two.

On a final note, today was truly the biggest breakthrough sensation Ben's ever felt racing on the bike and fueling with Hammer Products. Though his legs felt great, they were on the verge of cramping. After catching back up on the supplements and calories, he felt at his best thus far. Here's to another day of ripping trail and defending the leaders' jerseys!

Clint Muhlfeld and Ben Parsons

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Shaun Radley said...

Super cool to see Montana Boys in the leaders jersey. Great work!