Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, July 23, 2010

State Championship Road Race

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The above photo is of Flint Creek Pass. The site of Sunday's carnage. Flint Creek Pass is a tough Montana climb. I'm sure several riders remember Flint Creek Pass from the Ecology Center Classic and maybe even beyond, but I wasn't around then and so I have a different memory.

My memory of this pass stems from 2005. The UM Cycling Team decided to host a race on Flint Creek Pass (identical to Sunday's route minus Skalkahoe and GT Lake). During that season Montana races were well attended by the NW conference. We got over 125 racers to travel to Philipsburg. I was not in the Men's A race, but I'll never forget the stories told from Nacho Tack, Pipo, Marzullo, BrianW, Kneller, and Toby. Super domestique Marzullo pulled hard up the climb to setup Tack. Near the summit, Kneller, A Schultz, and Tack got away from the group. They worked down into Anaconda until disaster struck. The lead car led them down the wrong road. They got on the right path but it was too late the chase had reached them. To this day Phil says that was the fastest chase he's ever been a part of. All the sprinters formed a groupetto up Flint Creek, knowing that they were going to pin it on the descent into Anaconda. Eventually the group came back to together for the finish and Superman Kneller pulled his best Fabian Cancellara and stuck it with 1k. Shout out to MSU.

I'm sure JohnW and others could share some sweet stories about Flint Creek Pass.

Sunday a new story will be written.

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