Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

State Championship Nugget

My favorite satellite radio station is NFL radio. Yesterday I spent 12 hours blasting NFL radio as I drove to Malta and back (shout out to the APC). The stations tag line is..."!!" I'm a sucker for a good nugget. Especially when it comes to bike racing.

During the early stages of Sunday's race Jrad (Jared Nelson) jumped out in front of the field. Numerous people groaned and suggested Jared have a fun a ride. I knew it was my only chance to get over the pass so I asked Brad to let me out of the line so I could pursue Jared. I started riding hard tempo. I wasn't into the race yet and my legs and lungs quickly reminded me. I was still 20 seconds back when a green jersey caught me and said "don't pull." It was Jeffro.

He selflessly closed down the gap to Jared on his own and allowed me to save my legs for the climb. I know for a fact little things like this happen on the GAS team and other teams, but I've never had anyone do it for me. It makes you want to ride harder and give it your all. I wasn't a designated team leader or anything, but Jeff sacrificed himself for me. The best part about it is that until now only he and I knew about it. There was no glory involved. It was just a friend helping a friend. I can't wait to return the favor.

On another note. The Butte 100 is quickly turning into the biggest race in the state. I just got a confirm on Parsons, Muhly, Pip, and Butterfield. Also, heavy hitter Curry is thinking about coming. Mix those guys in with Martini, Tinker, JDoll, Kerry (Creampuff Champ), Dougie, and Gallegos.....and you've got a Montana Party. I'm telling you right now....don't miss it.

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