Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, July 12, 2010

Scott Herzig Tour de Bozeman Report

The tt went well for me, but Frykman and Kreig (Sp?) killed it. The rest of us were all within 30 or so seconds of each other so we all had a chance at a podium place which would be decided on Battle Ridge. Karl missed the victory in the 3's by two seconds.

I did the street sprints at about 80%. The time bonuses were minimal, so I used them just to get a little loosened up after the tt. Karl had a great chance to win the sprints, but a broken chain and a bad pedal kept him from doing so. He did win one heat after clipping back in.

The best stage for Montana Velo was the road race. Franky G. showed up to help us both out and he was awesome. He kept anything dangerous from going away and kept me and Karl out of trouble. Up the first side of Battle Ridge, well before the climb, Morgan attacked and I bridged up just to mark him for GC purposes and so we didn't have to chase. We got a decent gap, but he wasn't climbing like he normally does and came off on the climb. I just went easy up the climb and let the guys behind catch me on the other side. The race was pretty easy until we hit the climb on the way back. I started attacking at the bottom to make it hard and towards the top it was just Kreig and I. The Flying Dutchman realized everyone else around him was hurting a bit so he attacked and bridged up to us with Charile Avis from the Trek/Livestrong following just a little behind. Karl was incredible. Over the top with 5 k's to go it was basically Karl, Avis and I pulling. Krieg kept trying to attack us to win the stage and I'm sure he wanted to let Frykman catch us so Brian could win the GC. Karl kept coming out of his pedal so he took it easy a little but took some hard pulls. Going into the sprint, with Karl's pedal not working right and he had the 3's GC and stage win all taken care of, he gave me a great leadout and I felt good for the win, but I just couldn't quite get the sprint. Avis got the win and deserved it with all the work he did during the race. I guess Geoff took him to Europe with the 15/16 junior team a few years ago. Apparently goes to Princeton as well. He seemed like a super nice kid.

The Flying Dutchman in his first and only Cat. 3 road race with Montana Velo dominated the 3's road race and GC. He road easily with the Cat. 1/2's that were there. We'll miss him for his racing talent, but mostly because he's a great person and a wonderful teammate. We'll try to get him to make a guest appearance in the future. Perhaps a quick trip to Rolling Thunder would entice him.

The race organization was excellent. Everything went on time, plenty of volunteers, and quick results.

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pippo said...

Where is the Flying Dutchmen headed?
He will be missed...