Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, July 5, 2010

Firecracker 50

Sam Schultz placed 2nd in a tight battle with teammate JHK and roadie Peter Stetina.

GAS rider John Curry was 16th, but was riding well in the top 10 on the second lap. Excellent riding JC. A flat on the 2nd lap put him out of the top ten.

Frank Gonzalez was leading his race before an untimely double flat. He could taste the stars and bars. Frankie was on an awesome day and held on for 3rd.

Pipo and Butterfield had excellent starts in the pro field. Pip faded to 36th but had a solid ride. MattyB had 4 flats and couldn't recover. Also, in the pro field was Alan Adams. He rode solid and finished in 41st.

Lisa and I had our problems with the 11,600 elevation. Lisa ended up throwing up a couple times and having to pull out. I was seeing stars on lap 2 and decided to take a break on a log for a bit. It was not a good scene. I ended up walking a long time and finished 10th on the day in my age group.

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