Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Butte 100

Even more so then cyclocross, mountain biking is something that all Montana endurance athletes do. I over heard a conversation Brian Williams had at went like this:

Dude: Hey, how do you guys train in Montana?
Brian: We just ride really hard and long on dirt roads.

While not everyone rides hard and long on dirt roads, the majority of racers in Montana train and ride on the mountain bike quite a bit. Last Fall I got really pumped at a Wednesday Night Cross race where athletes from all disciplines came together for one evening. That's what makes a special Montana Race.

The stars have aligned again. Runners, mountain bikers, road bikers, and cyclocross'ers will come together on Saturday. The Missoula Marathon was won by Kiefer Hahn on July 11th. This Saturday he'll be at the start line for the Butte 100. John Curry won the Montana Road Championship last Sunday and was at nationals the weekend before. He'll be on the line. Butterfield and Grove were winning the 24hrs of Canmore last weekend. Parsons and Cary Smith are fresh off a 3rd and 1st at the Creampuff. Those are just the guys who have been racing...what about the guys who have made this a season goal....Muhly is flying, Martin is primed and ready, Doll, Gallegos, Pierce....

There are several good story lines starting to brew. The number one is the appearance of Tinker Juarez. He's a mountain bike legend and we are honored to have him racing in Montana against our best riders. Also, there are several 24 hr Moab racers testing their form. Doug Dale, Parsons, Pip, Butterfield, Owen, Gaskill and Toby will all be on course.

I'm excited to see how everything plays out. They hype is real.

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Jeffro said...

I think that Toby overtakes Von Shrock in hour four.