Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nationals Crit Results

Excellent racing out of Lindsy Campbell. She finished 19th overall but 4th place in the U23s. A late race crash made things interesting, but LC avoided the drama and hung on for a top placing.

Brian Williams received a pedal to the front wheel and flew over the bars. His bike is hurting.....with no front wheel and saddle. He has no broken bones, but the road rash on his right side his nasty. He's hopeful about racing Sunday, but needs to find some equipment.

Willy tucked nicely in 24th place and looks forward to the road race.

Marshall was in the 40's and also is looking forward to the road race.

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Lindsy Campbell said...

BW update: after licking his wounds BriWear got on the bike this morning and realized that his shoulder was too sore to be able to ride out of the saddle. Understandbly, he decided not to race and drove home.

LC update: I am hydrating myself. It's like a full time job