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Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Northern Stage Race - Don't miss it next year

The crew from Great Northern put on an excellent weekend of racing. The scene at the crit was popping. Tents, trailers, announcers, music, Druss and crew! It was a legit event.

are up on the GNC race blog. I haven't seen any race photos yet, but I'll link up as soon as I find them.

The turnout was excellent. Lenovo, Trek Calgary and Exergy came over from Seattle, Calgary and Boise. They spiced up the Montana peleton. A full Sportsmans Team, GAS, GNC, NRO, and Hammer were all represented. The crit had lots of attacking. The usual MT break was not allowed. The racing was fast all the way through. Brian Williams attacked with 5 to go. In an impressive show of team organization Exergy refused to let the NRO rider out of their sites. With 2 to go they brought the him back into the fold. In a heads up move by Brian he jumped into the lead out train with one to go. Into the final stretch, Brian and Patrick Stanko (Lenovo) duked it out for the win, with Brian taking the top spot. With a 10 second time bonus Brian was the GC leader

The time trial was interesting. The course was twisty and had a couple rolling hills. All I can say is Freightrain. Not just Brian, but Amy! Great rides out of the Frykman's. Their time trial wins gave earned them two TT Specialized helmets compliments of Great Northern Cycles. Brian won by 1 second over Mike Hone (Lenovo). This created an interesting GC battle and a Showdown on Sunday.

Frykman was the leader by 1 second over Hone, followed by Stanko and Williams at 5 seconds back. To make things even harder, Exergy and Trek had yet to win a stage and would be gunning for a victory. The first break was initiated a kilometer 0. Elliot, Josh, Jared, Exergy, and Lenovo were all in it. After a couple laps Mike Hone bridged with a sharp acceleration. Once Hone bridged Tack left the break to help chase. This breakaway swooped up the first bonus sprint. Then is started getting hard in the peleton. Frykman drove the group at 1 million watts. Josh and Brian worked in when they could, but Freightrain did the duty, bringing back the break. The second sprint was contested by the peleton. Stanko and Williams went toe to toe. All I know is Brian got second. At this point in the race my head was hurting as much as my legs. Exergy began a flurry of attacks. With one of the Mullervy boys sticking a solo break. Elliot tried to bridge and hung in no mans land. It looked miserable. Eventually we pulled both riders back. With 3 or 4 laps to go the GC men began to get in-patient. Brian attacked hard into the tailwind. Frykman came with him, as did Stanko, Mullervy, and a Trek rider. The race would be decided amongst that group with 2 to go. Mullervy got the stage, followed by Williams and Stanko. The time bonuses on the line gave Brian Williams the win by 1 second over Stanko, and 4 seconds over Frykman.

I felt like I was in the first stage of the tour. Full on sprinting for intermediate bonuses.

Doug posted a report from the other half of the weekend on his blog.


fastlikepancakes said...

BIG Props to all for the fantastic know who you are. And especially Race Director Rob Hagler
Can't wait till next year!

Shaun Radley said...

Great job Rob Hagler!

Rob H said...

Thanks to everyone that came and raced. We're glad you all had a good time.

Some photos posted here:

We're already talking to our Title Sponsor for next year so we'll be back, bigger, and better!