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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GNC Stage Race

This weekend is the Great Northern Stage Race in Whitefish.

Promoter Rob Hagler has really gone out on a limb to make this event a special weekend. The race has added two stages that are both within close proximity to Whitefish. The race is a true community event. Flathead Russ has put his muscle into this event as has Craig from GNC and the rest of the gang. Come out and support their efforts.

There's been several rumors about teams and racers showing up. I can't confirm or deny any rumors (the only registered 1,2,3's are me, David Holden, Flathead Russ, Weston and BrianW). However, if riders from Lenovo and/or Exergy show up it's for sure going to be a can't miss event. It's fun for Montana racers to have top regional riders come to our territory. I'm also excited to see the Flathead contingent road racing. Bandito, Pipo, MattyB, Greenburg, Parsons, Muhly, Gaertner, Noonan, and Chance were all missed at Cow Country. It will be exciting to have these guys racing in their home area.

Remember you save money by registering early.


fastlikepancakes said...

Yo, FYI...Eric G. Russ S. are part of the Great Northern Cycle Club now as is Tim G.. not Flathead.

You are right; GNCC co-sponsored Team Exergy and Lenovo will be present and throwing down!!

Thanks for the support!

Shaun Radley said...

Thanks for the note Craig. Just to clarify. When I said "Flathead contingent" I mean geographically, not club name.

Looking forward to the weekend.