Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Elkhorn Classic starts tomorrow.

GAS will have an impressive 6 riders in the pr0/1/2 field. The roster is, MSU all star, Scott Lipp, Alex Lussier, Brad Morgan, John Curry, Blake Wiedenheft, and defending cat 3 champ Brian Frykman. I'm sure MT Velo, 5VV, and NRO have had some fast/large squads at big races, but since I've been racing I haven't seen a MT team like this assemble for a big race. Six 1/2's all from the same Montana Team. Congratulations to GAS for getting their @#$% together. Frykman and Curry are on solid form. I can't wait to see GAS represent Montana on a big stage.

Brian Williams and myself are both racing. I've spent the week picking Owen's brain about racing in large 1/2 fields. He's had some good pointers on getting over climbs and positioning. I'm still very nervous and wish I could just start the race right now. I'm lucky Brian is on excellent form and should not need much help from me.

The ladies field will be well represented with a flying Frykman and PDowd. Amy is a 2 time Elkhorn Champ (4's and 3's) and his hoping for a good result in the pro/1/2 field.

Just because GAS elite is in Elkhorn doesn't mean there won't be a showdown on Flint Creek Pass on Saturday. I expect full carnage at that race. NRO will have a strong presence as will 5VV. Find the flier here.

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Jeffro said...

I'd have to agree, though 5vv took an impressive team classification win at the 2001 Ecology center classic. Specifics are fuzzy, but having Wehyrich, Seeley, Mark Legg and Gallego all nine years younger and on form in a $10,000+ stage race was a highlight for Missoula bicycle racing.