Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Easy Living

I just found out Matt and Adam went straight to France after the Ironman. Wow.....lucky ducks. I guess we won't be hearing from the Iceman anytime soon. I'll provide a one word race report for him:


That kid is amazing. As his fake sponsor.....I'm going to put this out there. Someone better sponsor him, because he's going to be a star. He needs a bike for next year, and a title sponsor. I've seriously thought about trying to get money to sponsor him, but I guess blogging doesn't actually make any money :)

Off to the Firecracker on Friday. Big Montana crew; Currys, AA, Bandito, Frank the Tank, MattyB, Pip, OG, Anya, Schultzs and Mrs. MTcx. If there was a weekend Montana mtb'ers could get a national result this is it. Curry has been building, MattyB is fresh off the Disco win, Pip has been ripping legs underground for about a month now, and Frank is Frank. I can't wait. I should be able to snag some interviews. Maybe porch talk from the Breckenridge condo.

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