Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cow Country

John Curry increased his win total this weekend. On Saturday John took the win at the Homestake XC over Frank and Vanderkitten.

Less then 24 hours later John was in Wolf Creek to start the famous Cow Country Classic. The first 20 miles of racing was thick with attacks and attempted breaks. I remember at one point sitting on Frykman's wheel and thinking I wanted to kill myself. It was a hard pace to say the least. Eventually, a break stuck. It contained Mariano Besseti, Curry, and Geoff Proctor. The break drove on while Brendan Halpin towed the peleton. Halp probably pulled for 15 miles. Into the climb Matty Ice pulled hard and attacked the lower slopes. Most of the peleton responded. The breakaway however was still way up the road. Eventually, Curry dropped Besseti and soloed for the win. Some reports at the line said "20 minutes." I don't know about that, but I do know if you give Curry an inch he makes it a mile (Cow County last year, APC Classic Stage 2). Behind John was carnage. Frykman soloed for second making it a GAS 1-2. Herzig out-sprinted Matty Ice for 3rd. Look out for Matt's Blog post today. He rode very well.

I don't have too much of a ladies report besides what LC told me in the car. Frykman was riding like a motor bike and soloed for the win. Jen L, Tam, Curry, and LC were all in the hunt till the end. Kellie continued her romp on the cat 4 field, by taking the win.

Steve Z won the masters. Steve Z is fast. A couple comments from me on Steve Z. Everyone in Missoula knows that Steve is fast. In fact we've known for 3 years now that Steve is a beast. I'm so happy for him this season. He is racing to his potential and looking great!

The 4/5 race was highlighted by Vanderkitten (who placed third the day before at the mtb race). He drove a group of 3, before dropping them on the last climb. Great rides by JVernon who had the best facial hair of the day and Joshua Phillips. Both these guys stayed with Karl for a long time.

Check out Ryan's blog for a good race report.

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