Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

24 Hours of Moab - Team Kent Brothers Automotive

Kent Brothers Facebook Page. If your a cyclist you should click to "like" them on Facebook. K Bros is stepping up big time to support local mountain bike racers.

After Dougie's Cream Puff performance how could we leave him off the team. While Wild Rockies is running full steam this summer we're hoping Doug will squeeze in 2 rides between now and Moab. In all seriousness Doug is a great mountain bike rider and can stay up really late.

Toby has been riding with the fire this spring. He's currently in Greenland studying glaciers, but his whole racing calendar is focused around Moab. Last year's 9th place in the Cream Puff solidified his spot on the roster.

I don't want to hear it about having a triathlete on the team. Adam can ride for a million hours straight at a million watts. If you don't believe me then believe his results. In his first attempt at a 100 mile mtb race he finished 2nd in the Cream Puff.

Owen is an incredible descender and athlete. The Butte Psyclocross last year sealed the deal for his roster spot. He has no fear and also is good at staying up late at night.


Lindsy Campbell is the racers racer. If there is any question about her dirt ability, just look at last year's 2nd place collegiate cross result. She's got the determination and the fire to provide the consistent laps this team needs.

Heidi Gaskill is the captain of the team. Her endurance prowess is well known in the Missoula area. On any given day you could see Heidi 10 miles up the rat on a trail run or 30 miles back in pattee on a cross bike. She will be a huge asset to all the team regarding nutrition and training.

Anya Wechsler is a mangy endurance athlete. She's the only person I know of who can keep up with Gaskill on trail. Her Griz Tri and Wildflower performance were just the tip of the iceberg. She is capable of anything. In early March she came on a 140 mile road ride off the couch.

Heidi Rentz has been living in Moab for the past 3 years. Her Missoula biking resume is long. She had a solid stint on the UM Cycling team, including a trip to mountain bike nationals in 2005. She has been an mountain bike guide in Moab and knows the trails well.


pippo said...

How does Dale expect to tame the desert if he double flats at buffed out big mountain? The desert is not kind to intruders. The desert will eat Doug's wheels for lunch and have Jensen for fourth meal.

Jeffro said...

I am rooting for a win over sportsmen's. Go petrol.