Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, May 17, 2010

News and Notes

Spring time is buzzing.

I've had a frantic couple weeks so let me try to catch up with the Montana Scene.

Brian Frykman wins Belt and places 6th in the TT at Wenatchee (13th overall). Very impressive. Campbell returns to competition with a 6th place and hella primes in the Wenatchee crit. Steve Zellmer is on form. Winning Belt Masters and placing high at Wenatchee. AFrykman rides to 7th overall at Wenatchee. The first Montana Mountain Bike race was last weekend in Helena. I don't know who won, by I'd like to know??? Comment a top 5 if you got it.

Returning to riding and racing I'm excited for a few things in particular:

1. The road races coming up. Montana Cycling has setup a great two months. Marysville, Cow Country, GNC, Elkhorn/Bearmouth, and then finishing up with the biggest MT race Tour de Bozeman. Yes!

2. Tuesday Hell Ride. I've had a two year absence from the Missoula Hell Ride. Scheduling, mountain biking and life have prevented me from attending. Tam, Joey and company have done a great job keeping it going and I'm excited to get worked every Tuesday.

3. Mangy Crew. I miss the mangy crew and I can't wait to rip trail with the gang. A couple notes on the mangy crew.......everyone gets dropped, pecking order on the descent, and when you can turn the screw on Jensen/Doug/Toby/Phil you do it. Shout out to Joel Brown, summer of 2006 Lincoln Hills Climb.

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