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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TTTT Round 4

Yesterday's TTTT was the last chance to see athletes prior to the Grizzly Triathlon and Rocky Mountain Roubaix. It's fun to see everyone's preparation style. Most folks decided to stay indoors. The wind was blowing and mid-day snow scared numerous participants.

Overall Standings
Round 4 Results

The riders that did come out were rewarded with a character building ride ahead of the biggest spring weekend. Also, throwing down a time were Alan Adams and Adam Jensen. Alan was fresh off of a big win in the Frozen Flatlands Time Trial and Adam has just finished 16th in a stacked pro field at 70.3 in Cali. These two would do battle with series leader Johnny Montana and James. In the end AA/AJ combo was too much for the young guns. Alan won the day with a 12:02 and Adam finished a close second with a 12:06. 3rd was John with a 12:18.

Only the strongest ladies showed in the worse conditions thus far. Series leader Kellie Carim continues to impress, taking the win with a 14:01. Campbell was second with a 14:10 and for the first time this year Meg Gaskill came out and put in a fabulous, 14:14. Most folks don't know this put that trio is going for the conference championship in the team time trial. Watch out for the Griz in that event!

So looking ahead to this weekend. Jessie is still on form and will lead a strong group to Walla Walla with Seth, Brian, Lily, Campbell, Wes, and Kellie. Johnny MT solidified his stance as a top 7 candidate in the Griz Tri, as did Lacy.

Next week is the last week of the TTTT. Series finale time! Prizes and lots of fun.

UM Tri made a big jump this week. 18 to 13 Triathlon.

The top photo is of Lacy giving her all at Frozen Flatlands last weekend. Lacy has put in big time effort on the bike this year and I think it's going to pay off at the Grizzly Triathlon.

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