Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TTTT 5:30 Today! Last chance before the GRIZZZZZZ

Today is round 4 of the Taco Tuesday Time Trial. Our overall leaders are John Fitzgerald and Kellie Carim. Round 3 saw two course records fall. Tamara Bessette and Brian Williams laid down some fast times. With nasty weather planned for today it's un-likely we see those records fall today.

However I do know of some special guests who plan on laying down a time.........he eats bolts for dinner......

I posted a little preview video for the Grizzly Triathlon. Just a couple notes on Saturday's race. Downtown Joel Brown and myself will be announcing all day. Come stop by! We're planning on streaming the transition area live on U-stream. Also, I'll be providing updates via twitter. It's going to be a great day.

Remember this is just day 1 of an incredible weekend. Day 2 is the Rocky Mountain Roubaix. MTcx is going to give a special prize to the athlete with the lowest combined finish places (i.e. 1st in the Griz, 2nd in Roubaix = a score of 3)

On that note....I've been brewing something up for Rolling Thunder. For 2010 I've decided to return to the Montana Heritage. Rolling Thunder will be October 16th and the Hellgate Duathlon will be October 17th. As always each race will be scored separately, however MTcx will be hosting an underground competition. Best combined finish in Thunder and Hellgate wins.

Who is the best athlete in Montana? Maybe we should play night time street ball on Saturday night just to keep things well rounded.


Matt Shryock said...

HHHHHHHoran! (Soft H's, of course.)

Linsey Corbin said...

Sweet video, Shaun. You crack me up. Keep up the stellar work.

pippo said...

I'll be untouchable. I'm the only person in recorded history to podium in both the Thunder and Hellgate. And my new bike, the SuperFlash will be even more untouchable. Plus I love the bottle after Thunder. Bring it.