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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Rocky Mountain Roubaix

This is a picture of the first dirt climb. I took it today (Thursday).
This is a closer view of the first dirt climb.
Here's a map I made of the course.

I had a great lunch break today. I drove the Rocky Mountain Roubaix course. The snow was flying and the wind was howling. Here are my thoughts on the condition of the gravel roads:

1. The roads were graded recently. The good news is we've gotten some good moisture and the majority of the route has tire tracks with no gravel.

2. In my opinion the worst sections were up the climb on the circuit. Several of the bends in the climb had very few smooth lines.

3. The descents were in ok shape with a couple smooth lines.

4. Today the road was sticky in places. Road brakes could have the potential to accumulate mud (weather depending).

That said I will be riding my road bike with tubular tires. A cross bike or beefier tire would be recommended. Also, with the cross bike you could eliminate the possibility of mud ruining your day. I'm riding my road bike because I don't think it will be muddy by the time Sunday rolls around and I'm confident in my tubular setup.

Just like last year if your in the middle or back of the peleton use caution. There aren't a ton of smooth lines and some sizable rocks on the course.

As always this is just my opinion. Feel free to email me if you have more questions.

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Patricia Dowd said...

Thanks for the update, Radley. I'm psyched for Sunday!