Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Updates

Speedwagon Classic - Seeley, Tack and Pipo made up the lead group. Pipo flatted, leaving Tack and Seeley to battle it out. Seeley dropped Tack on the last climb and won. Polson Mike rode strong in third and AG was 4th, the Dave Hartman special tubulars took me to 5th.

Billings Crit - Morgan, Morgan, Morgan

Lewistown Duathlon - "John Fitz took first with a time of 52:48, which was 12 seconds slower than Ben Hoffmans course record of 52:36. He was well ahead going into the second run and 2nd place came in just under 3 minutes behind him. He made sure to thank God and the TTTT for his victory. Josh Goldberg came in 3rd overall, and Lacey and Katherine took 2nd and 3rd overall for the woman. Ed Hirsh and Ben Williams also raced and did really well. As for myself I wasn't planning on racing until 15 minutes before and due to some serious dehydration I had a leg cramp up with 4 miles left in the bike, spinning the rest of the way with one leg and hobbling through the second run" - Mike H.

California 70.3 - Matty Ice 29th, Halpin 22nd, Jensen 16th, Hoffman 7th. Jen???? Good swim I heard.

Collegiate - "Justin won the D's road race, the rest of the guys were in the top five or ten in that race. Kellie got third by a hair, Jesse was in the top ten and looked good. As for me... well I just can't win. I got second again. I think Kellie and I were just behind Whitman in the TTT. We felt good and figured a lot of stuff out." - Lindsy

Interesting Fun Fact from Frank about the Training Race. "I felt like I was in a pro tour breakaway. In case anybody is interested...John Curry's normalized power output for 1 hour 38 minutes was... 321 WATTS!!!! Just shy of one of the breakaway power files (Garmin guy I think Frischkorn) from last years Tour of Flanders. Brians had to be very similar if not a bit higher. We were rolling like the big boys."

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