Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We had a great day yesterday. 60 degrees and sunny skies . Brian Williams and Linsey Corbin came out and laid down times. Tamara took some excellent photos. Click here to view the album

Brian set a course record. However, he took a slight wrong turn. In the end I calculated at most that it gave him an extra 7 seconds. Therefore his raw time was 11:43 and his re-calculated time was 11:50. Regardless, that is a fast time. Even more impressive.....which Mr. Tack will like.......Brian set the time on a regular road bike. For those who don't know....Brian is going for gold this year. Last year he raced around Montana a bit and won the Zoo Town Throwdown. He's always had the talent and now he has the time and motivation. Bri-wear is shooting for elite nationals and the Oregon stage racing scene (Hood, Cascade, Elkhorn). Personally, I see nothing holding back him back. He has amazing natural talent. When he puts his mind to something not much can stop him. I still remember when he decided to make his own clothes (hence the nickname Bri-wear). Shout-out to anyone who remembers that.

Johnny Montana continues to lead the overall with a PR and second place. Rounding out the podium was newcomer Seth in the Jelly Belly kit (one to reckon with for the future).

Defending champ Prodigy showed up this week. However last week's winner Kellie took the gold and the overall title. Rounding out the podium was a much improved Kara, shaving a minute off her time.

UM tri continues to hand it to UM Cycling, 11 to 5.

It's amazing what the sun does. We had 20 PR's including 8 all time PR's. WOW. I'm looking forward to the collegiate weekend in Oregon coming up. Anyone got a travel budget for the coach in training?!?!

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