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Monday, March 1, 2010

Taco Tuesday Time Trial Starts Tomorrow (TTTT)

Yes Sir!

After a one year hiatus with TWTT we're back with the original TTTT.

Every Tuesday for 5 weeks starting tomorrow.
*5:30pm First Rider is off
*Out and back course, 4ish miles
*No dropping of scores this year, all five count towards the overall
*World Champs & Top Griz will be handed out every week

What times were you putting out last year? Click here

2009 Champs: Lindsy Campbell and Matt Shryock
Course Records: Jen Nerrison 13:33 Matt Shryock 11:48

New for 2010:
UM Cycling vs. UM Triathlon Challenge
Rules: Every week the top times from each team go head to head. For example the #1 time for UM Cycling vs. the #1 time for UM Triathlon. #2 vs #2, and so on till the #4 time. Also, included in the team scores are the top two female times and the top 2 alumni times. So, in total 8 people each week make up a team. You get 1 point per win. Total points at the end of 5 weeks wins. Remember Pizza Parties?? Slamming down soda, playing arcade games, and stuffing your face with desert pizza. Winner of the UM Challenge gets a homemade pizza party w/beer, put on by the losing team and If your a double dipper (for example: Wes, Josh, John, Lacy, Jesse, ect) race for the team you will be participating with the most in 2010. Alumni have to have raced for UM Cycling or UM Tri.

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